Below are the Remi Winners from the 53nd Annual WorldFest Houston. If you would like to view the entire list in PDF format click the link below.

Click Here for PDF of 2020 Remi Winners

Short Calf Muscle305. Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark 326. Shorts Craft - Screenplay / ScriptSILVER REMITrent-Victoria Warmerdam, Director/Writer ~ NETHERLANDS
Planet Earth calling Ana307. Long Shorts - Comedy - RomanticPLATINUM REMIIsmael Martin34036374PFernando Bonelli, Director ~ SPAIN
ATM311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIIsmael Martin34036374PDavid Huergo, Director ~ SPAIN
A Wild World311. Long Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIIsmael Martin34036374PRodrigo E. Marini Valsechi, David Santamaría González, Directors ~ SPAIN
The fever311. Long Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIIsmael Martin34036374PJosé María Flores Miranda, Director ~ SPAIN
Helsinki 79306. Long Shorts - Comedy - OriginalBRONZE REMIIsmael Martin34036374PPablo Fontenla, Director ~ SPAIN
AWESOME!306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalBRONZE REMIIsmael Martin34036374PRoque Baños, Director ~ SPAIN
Come by Chance 605. Student - Student Screenplays (of unproduced films/videos)GOLD REMIJesseAJesse Adigwe, Director ~ CANADA
Dehai [Tidings]311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMINahomAbrahamNahom Abraham, Director ~ San Francisco, CA
Johnny Anarchy602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMITerraAbromsEdward Abroms, Director ~ Burbank, CA
The Last Wedding715. Spiritual / Religious / ChristianGOLD REMIBraamAckermannAbraham Michael Ackermann, Writer ~ UK
Train crash307. Long Shorts - Comedy - RomanticGOLD REMIFINALACTPadmakumar Narasimhamurthy, Director : Final Act Productions ~ INDIA
LIKE NO OTHERShorts Craft - DirectingPLATINUM REMIClaudiaAdamsAziz Ahmed, Director ~ Pakistan
Little Men311. Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalSILVER REMIAyeshaAduAyesha Adu, Director ~ Minneapolis, MN
Seeking Woman $$$315. Shorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)SILVER REMISamentaAgeeSamenta Agee, Director : Sparxs Studio ~ Austin, TX
The Shadow313. Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorPLATINUM REMINaylaAl KhajaNayla Al Khaja, Director ~ Dubai, UAE
Ms. Anita311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIRichelerAladinRicheler Aladin, Director ~ Austin, TX
The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain BTS265B. Behind The Scenes productionsGOLD REMIDon AlbertDon Albert, Director ~ Chicago, IL
I'm Right Here311. Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalPLATINUM REMILuis RobertoAlcazarLuis Roberto Alcazar, Director ~ El Paso, TX
Crazy For The Blonde313. Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMIAlexandruAldeaAlex Aldea, Producer ~ Caldwell, NJ
Florence601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMIAlmotazAljefriAlmotaz Aljefri, Producer ~ Los Angeles, CA
Moving On923. New Media - Web Series PLATINUM REMIJamiesonAllenJamieson Allen, Director ~ New York City, NY
Starved Rock309. DocumentaryBRONZE REMIDanielAltschulDaniel Altschul, Director ~ Houston, TX
Chaos Chained710. Screenplay - Fantasy / Science FictionSILVER REMIRichard P.AlvarezRichard P. Alvarez & Travis P. Alvarez, Directors ~ Rockport, TX
Teresa306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalBRONZE REMINicolas AlvoNicolas Alvo, Director ~ New York, NY
Stargazer Shorts - Computer Generated / CGI / Mixed Media / 3DGOLD REMIATECAnimLabJoshua Slezak, Director : ATEC Anim Lab ~ Richardson, TX
My, What A Lovely Vase306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalSILVER REMIOliviaApplegateDrew Saplin, Director : Three Sisters Productions ~ Los Angeles, CA
Good Game: The Beginning013. Features - Family / ChildrenSPECIAL JURY REMIUmutAralUmut Aral, Director ~ Istanbul, TURKEY
Good Game: The BeginningMusic ScoreGOLD REMIUmutAralBegum Ornek ~ Istanbul, TURKEY
Forgiveness For Whom824A. Low Budget (Under $5,000)SILVER REMIAriamArayaAriam Weldeab, Director ~ Oakland, CA
FINAL CURTAINShorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIJackArmstrongJack Armstrong, Producer ~ Dublin, IRELAND
Savage716. Screenplay - TeleplaysGOLD REMIGiacomoArrigoniGiacomo Arrigoni, Writer ~ Milan, ITALY
In your dreamsScreenplay - Short Film ScreenplaysSILVER REMIStephaneArtetaStephane Arteta, Writer ~ Paris, FRANCE
ClarityBEST STUDENT FILM-TIEGRAND REMI AWARD-TIERoyArwasRoy Arwas, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Man on the Bus005. Features - Documentary BRONZE REMIEveAshEve Ash, Producer/Director ~ AUSTRALIA
Correspondence311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIGaronAtencio Garon Atencio, Producer : Misfit Picture Shows ~ Valley Village, CA
MY FOLLOWERSShorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIMaykAzzatoMayk Azzato, Director: Mayk Azzato Studio ~ Frankfurt, GERMANY
Train Stop307. Shorts - Comedy - RomanticBRONZE REMIJamesBabbinJames Babbin, Executive Producer ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
YELLOWSTONEScreenplay - Action / AdventureGOLD REMILarryBaerLarry Baer, Writer ~ West Des Moines, IA
MONTANA FOR CHRISTMASScreenplay - RomanceGOLD REMILarryBaerLarry Baer, Writer : TALKING BEAR ENTERTAINMENT ~ West Des Moines, IA
Equinor Digital Innovation209. Corporate Image & OrientationGOLD REMIJamie BaikieJamie Baikie, Producer : SIGNAL2NOISE ~ UK
The PaperboyShorts - Family / ChildrenBRONZE REMINicoleBaileyNicole Bailey, Executive Producer : Papermint Productions ~ CANADA
Magnificent MayhemStudent - College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIJamieBakerJamie Baker, Director ~ UK
Salad309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIDariaBalabaiSashko Balabai and Darina Balabai, Directors ~ UKRAINE
LavenderBEST FILM & VIDEOGRAND REMI AWARDAndrewBall-ShawAndrew Ball-Shaw, Director/Writer ~ UK
In The BloodShorts - WesternsBRONZE REMIReginaBanaliRegina Banali, Director ~ Woodland Hills, CA
Go Back313. Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorBRONZE REMIMatthewBarberNathaniel and Matthew Barber (The Barber Brothers), Directors ~ Arlington, TX
BLINDFIRE009A. Crime DramaSPECIAL JURY REMIHowardBarishHoward Barish - Producer; Mike Nell - Writer/Director ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
Man and Kin602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIColbyBarriosColby Barrios, Producer ~ Provo, UT
Ocean Moon359. Work in Progress - ExperimentalSILVER REMIDavidBartlettDavid Bartlett, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
guitar sky357. Film & Video ArtBRONZE REMIDavidBartlettDavid Bartlett, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
The Inbestigators148. TV Series - Family/ChildrenPLATINUM REMIElla BartonWayne Hope, Director : Gristmill, ABC, Netflix, Australian Children's Television Foundation ~ AUSTRALIA
Hardball148. TV Series - Family/ChildrenSILVER REMIElla BartonDarren Ashton, Director : Northern Pictures, Australian Children's Television Foundation, ABC ME ~ AUSTRALIA
Long ago in the Caribbean226. History & ArchaeologyGOLD REMIPatrickBAUCELINPatrick Baucelin, Director ~ MARTINIQUE
It Could Be You810. Music Video - R&B / Soul / Rap / Hip-HopPLATINUM REMIMiriambavlyJayQ The Legend, Writer ~ Beverly Hills, CA
Naomhóga Chorcaí (The currach boats of Cork)309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIStephenBeanS H Bean, Director ~ IRELAND
Bruno018. Features - Low Budget (under 250 thousand)PLATINUM REMIAngryBearKarl Golden, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Encounters317. Shorts - Science FictionPLATINUM REMISozoBearLuke Pilgrim, Brad Kennedy, Directors ~ Dahlonega, GA
The Hour After Westerly320. Shorts Craft - Cinematography324. Shorts Craft - Music326. Shorts Craft - Screenplay / ScriptPLATINUM REMINateBellNate Bell, Andrew Morehouse ~ Whittier, CA
My LifeFeatures - ForeignGOLD REMIMaaikeBenschopNorbert ter Hall, Director ~ Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Tree #3312. Shorts - Family / ChildrenPLATINUM REMIOmerBen-ShacharOmer Ben-Shachar, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Daffodils306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalSILVER REMIAdrienBensonAdrien Benson, Director/Writer ~ CANADA
KELLY-ANNE, PORTRAIT D'UNE VAINQUEURE206. Charitable / Non-ProfitPLATINUM REMIJodiBentLes Amputés de guerre ~ CANADA
LE VAINQUEUR ZAKARY470. Public ServiceGOLD REMIJodiBentLes Amputés de guerre ~ CANADA
JAELYNN480. Series / CampaignGOLD REMIJodiBentThe War Amps ~ CANADA
FERANMI'S STORY239. MotivationalGOLD REMIJodiBentThe War Amps ~ CANADA
LA VAINQUEURE KELLY-ANNE461. Not for Profit / CharitableGOLD REMIJodiBentLes Amputés de guerre ~ CANADA
JED AND THE TICATS252. Safety / First AidGOLD REMIJodiBentThe War Amps ~ CANADA
Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time205. BiographicalGOLD REMIBarbaraBentreeBarbara Bentree, Director : Jindojazz ~ Santa Fe, NM
THE EMPRESS711. Historical / Period PiecePLATINUM REMIIrwin A.BerkowitzIrwin A. Berkowitz, Writer ~ Sebastian, FL
A THOUSAND LITTLE SHIPS709. Family / ChildrenGOLD REMIIrwin A.BerkowitzIrwin A. Berkowitz, Writer ~ Sebastian, FL
PAWNSMusic Video - ReligiousGOLD REMIElizabethBerlinerElizabeth Berliner, Director ~ Great Barrington, MA
"An Encounter"316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerSILVER REMIMiguelBerzal de MiguelMiguel Berzal de Miguel, Director ~ Madrid, SPAIN
Halwa311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMINiravBhaktaNirav Bhakta, Director ~ Houston, TX
Waters of March311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMISuveerBhatiaChase Johnson, Director : The Scribble Room ~ Los Angeles, CA
I HOPE YOU ARE WELL013. Features - Family / ChildrenSILVER REMIdubinDu Bin, Director ~ CHINA
For Rosie306. Comedy - OriginalPLATINUM REMISamBirchSam Birch, Director ~ UK
The Flow Effect601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsPLATINUM REMIJeffreyBirdLachlan Henry, Writer/Director : Swinburne University ~ AUSTRALIA
The Brother's Survivor311. Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalBRONZE REMICris EliBlakCris Eli Blak, Writer/Producer : Mercyville Productions ~ Fresno, TX
Pianocide921. New Media - Cellular Media – Commercial Videos SILVER REMIBriceBlanloeilBrice Blanloeil, Director : Moonflake ~ FRANCE
You Asked For The Facts245. Political / International IssuesGOLD REMIMaryBlesseyMary Blessey, Director ~ Biloxi, MS
Blossoms from Ash245. Political / International IssuesSPECIAL JURY REMIAlexanderBlumAlexander Blum, Producer ~ Austin, TX
Wax Paul Now306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalBRONZE REMIValBodurthaVal Bodurtha, Director ~ Stamford, CT
Wherever She May Be311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIPaulBojackPaul Bojack, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
No Country Is An Island264. World Peace & UnderstandingPLATINUM REMIMarkBoneMark Bone & Michael Del Monte, Directors ~ CANADA
Rotary and Argrilife V2206. Charitable / Non-ProfitSILVER REMIWardBoothWard Booth, Director : Jack J. Valenti School of Communication ~ Houston, TX
First Book 2019206. Charitable / Non-ProfitBRONZE REMIWardBoothWard Booth, Director : Jack J. Valenti School of Communication ~ Houston, TX
Stray.Shorts - Dramatic - Original, Shorts Craft - Directing, Shorts Craft - Screenplay / ScriptBRONZE REMIMarissaBorbollaJosé Carlos Borbolla, Director : Hermanos Guerrilla ~ MEXICO
Beyond BordersShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIBeyondBordersIsha Mangalmurti, Director ~ INDIA
A HEAD SHORTER - Work in ProgressLong Shorts - Work in ProgressSILVER REMISashaBortnikSasha Bortnik, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
I NeVer Knew The World Was So BeautifulShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIDerekBoshierDerek Boshier, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
The Spongetones "Too Clever By Half"812. Rock / R&RGOLD REMISteveBoyleSteve Boyle, Director : SkidMedia | SkidFilms Inc. ~ Nashville, TN
Call Waiting305. Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark BRONZE REMIAnthonyBradfordAnthony Bradford, Actor/Writer/Director ~ Atlanta, GA
This Boy809. Music Video - New ArtistSILVER REMIEddieBrakhaEddie Brakha, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Robbery of the Heart (Duplicate of 1757) 005. DocumentarySILVER REMIMicahBrandtMicah E. Brandt, Director ~ Glendale, CA
Robbery Of The Heart (duplicate of 6729)005. Features - Documentary SILVER REMIMicahBrandtMicah E. Brandt, Director : UFO PICTURES ~ Glendale, CA
The Last GoodbyeShorts - Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMIRhodaBrooksRhoda Brooks, Writer/Producer : Eternal Motion Pictures ~ College Station, TX
The Moon's DaughterShorts Craft - Visual / Special FX / CGI /DronesBRONZE REMIJonBrovinaJon Brovina, Director ~ Georgetown, TX
Nowhere Under the RainbowShorts - Comedy - OriginalPLATINUM REMIArnaudBruttinArnaud Bruttin, Producer : Artisans du Film ~ FRANCE
Ramblin' Jack Elliott: A TEXAS RAMBLE005. Features - Documentary PLATINUM REMIBruceBryantDee Brown, Director ~ Houston, TX
At Night, I Dream309. DocumentarySILVER REMIFrédériqueBuckFrédérique Buck, Director ~ LUXEMBOURG
I Lived with a Killer - Eps 118309. DocumentaryGOLD REMIEllenBumphreyKolbie Nesset, Director : Wavelength Enterainment Group ~ CANADA
Addictions Fall TV Commercials - 30 Sec.SILVER REMIEllenBumphreyChristopher Triffo, Director : Wavelength Enterainment Group ~ CANADA
Blue MotelScreenplay - Horror / Thriller / MysteryPLATINUM REMITedCampbellTed Campbell, Writer ~ Los Angeles, CA
Volto Manifesto (Face Manifesto)309 DocumentaryBRONZE REMICesareCantu'Lorella Zanardo, Director : Nuovi Occhi per i Media ~ Milano, ITALY
GATEWAY309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIKristinCaponeDana Richie, Writer/Director ~ Parsippany, NJ
MOM AND ME923. Web Series (3 or more episodes)GOLD REMIKathi CareyKathi Carey, Director ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
IrseShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIMarianCarrasqueroJ.P. Dobrin and Marian Carrasquero, Directors ~ Oakland, CA
The Pilgrim's Progress002. Features - Animated (Any Technique)GOLD REMIBillCarrollRobert Fernandez, Director : Revelation Media/Vision Video ~ Worcester, PA
Torchlighters: The George Muller Story251. Religion / Ethics / SpiritualityGOLD REMIBillCarrollRobert Fernandez, Director : Vision Video/Herald Entertainment ~ Worcester, PA
Outdoor Idaho: Living With Wildfire214. Ecology / Environment / ConservationSPECIAL JURY REMIJoanCartan-HansenForrest Burger, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Outdoor Idaho: Off The Grid115. Information, Cultural or Historical Program - SeriesPLATINUM REMIJoanCartan-HansenJay Krajic, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Idaho Public Television: What's Our Mission?128. Network / Station / Cable PromotionPLATINUM REMIJoanCartan-HansenEric Westrom, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Idaho Experience: Out of the Shadows219. Ethnic / CulturalPLATINUM REMIJoanCartan-HansenAndy Lawless, Aaron Kunz, Directors : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Idaho Experience: When Apollo Came to Idaho221. Flight / Space TravelPLATINUM REMIJoanCartan-HansenEric Westrom, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Outdoor Idaho: Crafting A Living224. Hobby / CraftsPLATINUM REMIJoanCartan-HansenJay Krajic, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Idaho Experience: Idaho's Mail-Order Messiah251. Religion / Ethics / SpiritualityPLATINUM REMIJoanCartan-HansenPat Metzler, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Dialogue: Novelist Emily Ruskovich: Conversations from the Sun Valley Writers' Conference142. Talk ShowsGOLD REMIJoanCartan-HansenTroy Shreve, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Outdoor Idaho: Pend Oreille Country143. Travel / TourismGOLD REMIJoanCartan-HansenJay Krajic, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Science Trek: Mountain Goats: Kids, Nannies and Billies216. Educational / Instructional - ChildrenSILVER REMIJoanCartan-HansenAl Hagenlock, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
Clark Fork Career and Technical Education: Preparing Students for Life250. Recruiting / Career GuidanceSILVER REMIJoanCartan-HansenAndy Lawless, Director : Idaho Public Television ~ Boise, ID
RitornatoLong Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIMichaelCavalieriMichael Cavalieri, Writer/Director/Producer ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
Ukde311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIEcemCelikEcem Çelik, Director/Writer/Art Director ~ TURKEY
The Keeper316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerSILVER REMIBobCelliBob Celli, Director ~ New York, NY
King of the Road309. Long Shorts - DocumentaryGOLD REMICateCelsoCate Celso, Director ~ San Francisco, CA
Gracz (PRIVATE EYE)309. Shorts - DocumentarySPECIAL JURY REMIJan ChalupkaJan Chalupa, Director ~ POLAND
DAVIESShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIShannonChanceShannon Chance, Director ~ Houston, TX
The 54th Golden Bell Award nominated video308. Computer Generated / CGI / Mixed Media403. Animated (Computer Graphics)GOLD REMIHSIN YUANCHANGCHANG HSIN YUAN, Director : TimothyMotion ~ TAIWAN
Colors of France603. Student - High School Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMIJacobChang-RascleJacob Chang-Rascle, Director ~ Crozet, Virginia USA
MOTHERLAND015. Features - First Feature026. Features Craft - Cinematography028. Features Craft - DirectingPLATINUM REMIFélixCHARDINNETomas Vengris, Director ~ FRANCE
Mr. Emancipation : The Walter Perry StoryShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIPrestonChasePreston Chase, Director ~ CANADA
One More Orbit005. Features - Documentary BRONZE REMIHarrisonChaseTerry Virts, Director ~ Santa Monica, CA
Ghost in the Gun318. Shorts - WesternsPLATINUM REMIAndrewChenAndrew Chen, Writer/Director ~ Mountain View, CA
Where Star Lies602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMIJiewenChenJiewen Chen, Director ~ CHINA
Stowaways010. Dramatic028. DirectingSILVER REMILiang ChenLIANG CHEN, Director ~ Houston, TX
NEST311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIYuntingChenYunting Chen, Director ~ Burbank, CA
NEST - dupe entry 136 also320. Shorts Craft - CinematographySILVER REMIYuntingChenRuixi Gao, Director of Photography ~ Burbank, CA
Follow Alana Switzerland117. Lifestyle Programming - Series127. Nature / WildlifeSILVER REMIJumping ChiangKuo-Hao Li, Director : Aurora Digital Media Co. Ltd. ~ TAIWAN
Follow Alana Australia117. Lifestyle Programming - Series127. Nature / WildlifeBRONZE REMIJumping ChiangKuo-Hao Li, Director : Aurora Digital Media Co. Ltd. ~ TAIWAN
BinimoyStudent - College Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMITanmayChowdharyTanvi Chowdhary, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Currency of Love311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIClareChunClare Chun, Director and EP ~ Seattle, WA
Those Beautiful Moments317. Shorts - Science FictionPLATINUM REMIVasilyChuprinaVasily Chuprina, Director ~ NETHERLANDS
FALOWIEC305. Comedy - Black / DarkPLATINUM REMIMarikaCieslikProducer Wlodzimierz Niderhaus WFDiF - Documentary and Feature Film Studios and Director Jakub Paczek ~ Warsaw, POLAND
THE VIEW FROM MY BALCONY355. DramaticGOLD REMIMarikaCieslikProducer Wlodzimierz Niderhaus WFDiF - Documentary and Feature Film Studios and Director Ewa Malecki ~ Warsaw, POLAND
ALICE IN WANTONLAND357. Film & Video ArtSILVER REMIMarikaCieslikProducer Wlodzimierz Niderhaus WFDiF - Documentary and Feature Film Studios and Director Piotr Domalewski ~ Warsaw, POLAND
BEFOREFATHERS' EVE310. Dramatic - AdaptationBRONZE REMIMarikaCieslikProducer Wlodzimierz Niderhaus WFDiF - Documentary and Feature Film Studios and Director Michal Zdunik ~ Warsaw, POLAND
Cities of the Plain708. Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIJerryCimisiJerry Cimisi, Writer ~ Rocky Point, NY
Sight ReadingStudent - College Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMILibertyCinemaRachael Morton, Director ~ Forest, VA
Dr. EllisStudent - College Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMILibertyCinemaElizabeth Lustig, Director ~ Charlotte, NC
Fishing WireStudent - College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMILibertyCinemaZach Johnson, Director ~ Charlotte, NC
STORMCHASER305. Long Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark PLATINUM REMIGretlClaggettGretl Claggett, Director : Culture Catalyst ~ New York, NY
No Limits: Wheelchair Basketball in South Sudan309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMINikiClarkLeandro Badalotti, Producer and Editor, Niki Clark, Editor & International Committee of the Red Cross ~ Washington, DC
Martin The Sea Turtle306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalBRONZE REMIMollyClarkMolly Clark, Director ~ New York, NY
Why She Smiles309. Documentary/Long ShortSILVER REMIA JoyfulCo.Karla Dansereau, Executive Producer ~ Lebanon, TN
Strange Tenants: Ska'd for Life309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIFionaCochraneFiona Cochrane, Director ~ AUSTRALIA
CAN ART STOP A BULLET: William Kelly's Big Picture246. World Peace & UnderstandingGOLD REMIFionaCochraneFiona Cochrane, Director : f-reel pty ltd ~ AUSTRALIA
A Stone in the Water011. Features - Suspense / ThrillerGOLD REMIDanielCohenDaniel M Cohen, Director ~ Santa Monica, CA
Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash017. Features - Historical / Period Piece SILVER REMIJaredCohnJared Cohn, Writer/Director ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
Ironrite310. Shorts - Dramatic - AdaptationSILVER REMIClaytonCombeClayton Combe, Director ~ Tappan, NY
BELLE-ILE IN ACADIE309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIPhilComeauPhil Comeau, Director ~ Montreal, CANADA
Acadian Music Wave226. History & ArchaeologySILVER REMIPhilComeauPhil Comeau, Director ~ Montreal, CANADA
Joe's Alamo: Unsung717. WesternsPLATINUM REMILewis CookNorman Ray Fitts & Lewis Cook, Writers ~ Houston, TX
The Burglar316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIXanderCoppXander Copp, Writer/Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
End Point317. Shorts - Science FictionPLATINUM REMIRafaelCortesRafael Cortes, Director ~ London, UK
Moments in Spacetime016. Features - ForeignSILVER REMIChrisCowdenChris Cowden, Director ~ CANADA
Winfield Historical Times...And Other OdditiesShorts - Comedy - OriginalBRONZE REMIJuliaCowleJulia Cowle, Director ~ Scarsdale, NY
Icons302. Shorts - Animated (Clay & Other)GOLD REMIRonnieCramerRonnie Cramer, Director ~ Denver, CO
Dali On Acid: The Art and World of Leandra Di Buelna, Jr.309. DocumentaryBRONZE REMIBradCreelWayne Slaten, Director ~ Houston, TX
ARKShorts - Science FictionPLATINUM REMINelsonCruzNelson Cruz, Producer ~ Los Angeles, CA
Be Afraid: The Science of Fear309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMISusanneCuffeRoberto Verdecchia, Director : 90th Parallel Productions Ltd ~ Toronto, CANADA
AthelShorts - Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMICristinaCurciurAlyazia Al Nahyan, Director ~ Abu Dhabi, UAE
SUFFOCATION (ASFIXIA)010. DramaticSPECIAL JURY REMIJannikeCuruchetKenya Márquez, Director ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
Maricarmen004. Docu-Drama PLATINUM REMIJannikeCuruchetSergio Morkin, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
THE GUARDIAN OF MEMORY004. Docu-Drama GOLD REMIJannikeCuruchetMarcela Arteaga Esquerra, Director ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
DRAWINGS AGAINST BULLETS219. Ethnic / CulturalGOLD REMIJannikeCuruchetAlicia Calderon, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
Mezquite's Heart025B. Coming of AgeGOLD REMIJannikeCuruchetAna Laura Calderón, Director ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
THE JOURNEY TO MICTLAN324. MusicGOLD REMIJannikeCuruchetPablo Calvillo, Martha Herrera-Lasso, Directors : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
THE WEEPING OF THE CACAO TREE311. Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIJannikeCuruchetDavid Garces Rosas, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
Metro Airport313. FANTASY/HORRORGOLD REMIJannikeCuruchetHumberto Aguirre, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
THE LABYRINTH010. DramaticSILVER REMIJannikeCuruchetSergi Pedro Ros, Director ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
THE BORDER316. Suspense / ThrillerSILVER REMIJannikeCuruchetErika Oregel, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
NORTHERN COMPLEX311. Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIJannikeCuruchetJuan Manuel Fernandez Chico, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
ATONEMENT311. Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIJannikeCuruchetEdgar A. Romero, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
ESCONDIDAS313. FANTASY/HORRORSILVER REMIJannikeCuruchetCarlos Matienzo Serment, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
THE TREE311. Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIJannikeCuruchetMiguel Valdez-López, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
The Devil's Throat313. FANTASY/HORRORSILVER REMIJannikeCuruchetGabriela García Rivas, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
The Echo of the Snail315. Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)SILVER REMIJannikeCuruchetJosé Alberto Anguiano, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
SHOOTING004. Docu-Drama BRONZE REMIJannikeCuruchetElpida Nikou and Rodrigo Hernández, Directors : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
NEAPOLITAN ARRANGEMENT311. Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIJannikeCuruchetRodrigo Ruiz Patterson, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
FOOT311. Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIJannikeCuruchetJonathan Canul, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
The Dead Girls311. Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIJannikeCuruchetDiana Aguilar Cabello, Director : Mexican Film Institute ~ Mexico City, MEXICO
The Abjurants311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMISalvoCutaiaAntonio De Palo, Director ~ Houston, TX
Last Day of Summer312. Family / ChildrenPLATINUM REMIAleksandraCzenczekAleksandra Czenczek, Director : AKA FILM Production ~ London, UK
The Reef320. Shorts Craft - CinematographyGOLD REMISvenD.Sven Dreesbach, Director : Revolutio Creative ~ Marina Del Rey, CA
The Girl Who Cannot Speak263. Womans IssuesPLATINUM REMILaura Pellegrini & StefanoDa FrèLaura Pellegrini & Stefano Da Frè, Directors : ROSSO FILMS INTERNATIONAL ~ Montreal, CANADA
Here TodayShorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIDeniseDabneyMeredith Grace Dabney, Writer/Director ~ Radford, VA
My Farmland ( 56mins)309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIDianaDaiDiana Dai, Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
AccidentShorts - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIJunliangDaiPengfei WANG, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
My Great Mother022. Science FictionSILVER REMIJunliangDaiYue YAN, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
Father For A Day010. Features - DramaticBRONZE REMIJunliangDaiQIAO Zhi, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
The Art Film306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalBRONZE REMIJunliangDaiBingyang LI, Kaikai Yan, Directors ~ Beijing, CHINA
TXT...311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMICoryDangerfieldBrandon Olive, Director / Cory C. Dangerfield, Writer ~ Midvale, UT
Salman Bin Hamad - A VISION OF PROMISEShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)Shorts Craft - MusicSILVER REMIEvaDaoudEva Daoud, Director ~ BAHRAIN
COmpanionNew Media - Web Series SILVER REMIJohnDarbonneJohn Darbonne, Director ~ Corpus Christi, TX
The Red Cap311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIChandradeepDasChandradeep Das, Director ~ INDIA
Breaking Their Silence: Women on the Frontline of the Poaching War214. Ecology / Environment / ConservationPLATINUM REMIKerryDavidKerry David, Director & Producer ~ Playa Vista, CA
My Favorite SeasonShorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIBrendanDavisBrendan Davis, Producer : International Troublemakers, Inc. ~ Palo Alto, CA
Love Bite313. Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorSILVER REMICharlesde LauzirikaCharles de Lauzirika, Carlee Baker, Writers ~ Fayetteville, GA
RESCUED009. Features - ChristianBRONZE REMICristerDe León VegaCrister De Leon/ C.E.O Samala Motion Pictures, and Writer/Director/Producer/Actor of RESCUED ~ Santa Barbara, CA
FRANK, EARNEST with MERCYShorts - Comedy - Black / Dark PLATINUM REMIJarrodDeanJarrod Dean, Director ~ AUSTRALIA
Surrender Me311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIChrisDel SordoChris Del Sordo, Director ~ Encinitas, CA
The RooftopShorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIScottDengTeng Po-Cheng, Director ~ TAIWAN
Achilles' Game: Stalemate701. Screenplay - Action / AdventurePLATINUM REMITammyDiazTammy "Taz" Diaz, Writer ~ League City, TX
BACK 2 DA SOUL815. VocalistPLATINUM REMINigelDickNigel Dick, Director : Dickfilms ~ Golden, CO
Iceland - Puffins, Punks & Pricks923. Web SeriesSILVER REMINigelDickNigel Dick, Director : Dickfilms ~ Golden, CO
What Goes Wrong in Cancer?237. Medical / Health / Fitness / WellnessPLATINUM REMIMajaDivjakDr Maja Divjak, Director ~ Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Top 5923. New Media - Web Series GOLD REMICassidyDixonCassidy Dixon, Director ~ Kingwood, TX
Snipe Hunt306. Comedy - Original320. Cinematography322. EditingBRONZE REMItyronedixonTyrone D. Dixon, Director : Dikajada Films LLC ~ Los Angeles, CA
Peter Maffay - Morgen (Tomorrow)812. Music Video - Rock / R&RPLATINUM REMIRudiDolezalRudi Dolezal, Producer : DoRo Films International ~ Miami Beach, FL
SIR IVAN - GET TOGETHER812. Music Video - Rock / R&RGOLD REMIRudiDolezalRudi Dolezal, Producer : DoRo Films International ~ Miami Beach, FL
DAMAGELong Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMILawrenceDonelloFernando Antonio Maffei, Director : Inspirit Productions & Testarossa Productions ~ UK
Homo Sapiens in Space320A. The SPACE AwardsGOLD REMIDamien DonnellyDamien Donnelly, Director : IRELAND
The Billion Oyster Project214. Ecology / Environment / ConservationPLATINUM REMIDavidDriscollSidney Alvarez, Director : Con Edison ~ New York, NY
How Our Engineers Are Using Virtual Reality217. Employee CommunicationsGOLD REMIDavidDriscollSidney Alvarez, Director : Con Edison ~ New York, NY
Helping Hearing Impared Customers210. Corporate CommunicationSILVER REMIDavidDriscollSidney Alvarez, Director : Con Edison ~ New York, NY
Restoring Power to California217. Employee CommunicationsSILVER REMIDavidDriscollSidney Alvarez, Director : Con Edison ~ New York, NY
Con Edison & The MTA Working Together217. Employee CommunicationsBRONZE REMIDavidDriscollSidney Alvarez, Director : Con Edison ~ New York, NY
Apollo Theater & Con Edison211. CulturalBRONZE REMIDavidDriscollSidney Alvarez, Director : Con Edison ~ New York, NY
PatrickShorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIYuanhaoDuYuanhao Du, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
LIVShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIpauladupre pesmenAlan Hicks, Director : Bob's Your Uncle ~ Boulder, CO
SWEET SOLACEShorts - Comedy - Original, Shorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue), Shorts Craft - Screenplay / ScriptSILVER REMINicolasDurandNicolas Durand, Director ~ FRANCE
The Good Deed311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIEugeneE~NRGEugene E~NRG, Director ~ UK
Up From The Streets005. Features - Documentary GOLD REMICilistaEberleCilista Eberle, Producer : Michael Murphy Productions, Inc ~ New Orleans, LA
The Nature of Invention256. Science & ResearchPLATINUM REMIConnie EdwardsConnie Edwards, Producer : Souleado Entertainment ~ Edmonton, CANADA
Strings Attached309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIObianujuEkeochaObianuju Ekeocha, Writer/Producer : Culture of Life Africa ~ UK
Karma of life311. Dramatic - Original322. Editing325. Screenplay / script shortPLATINUM REMIKarimEl ShafeiKarim El Shafei, Director ~ EGYPT
Age of Bryce312. Shorts - Family / ChildrenGOLD REMIBrianElliottBrian Elliott and David Feagan, Directors ~ Waco, TX
Lives in Me355. DramaticBRONZE REMIEmanElsweisyEman Elsweisy, Director ~ Friendswood, TX
through the breeze357. Experimental - Film & Video ArtSILVER REMImohsenemaminouriMohsen Emaminouri, Director ~ San Francisco, CA
TEENAGER 4 GOVERNOR (OF THE GR8 STATE OF KANSAS)245. Political / International IssuesBRONZE REMIMichaelEngelkenMichael Engelken, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
THE FOUR HORSEMEN715. Spiritual / Religious / ChristianBRONZE REMIDavidEstradaDavid Miguel Estrada, Writer ~ West Hollywood, CA
Quo Vadis 2020004. Features - Docu-Drama BRONZE REMIGabrieleFabbroGabriele Fabbro, Director : G&F Pictures ~ ITALY
Tainted 009A. Crime DramaGOLD REMIMaddyFalleBrent Cote, Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
Breathless (WITHDRAWN IN ERROR! KEEP IN!)601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsPLATINUM REMIDaisyFangYiJia Fang, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
Wake311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIJoFangJoanna Fang, Producer ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
The Dark Side of the Moon257. Social / Economic IssuesGOLD REMIfabriziafaustinellaFabrizia Faustinella, Director ~ Houston, TX
Interviewing257. Social / Economic IssuesBRONZE REMIMelissaFavelaMelissa Favela, Director ~ Houston, TX
Things I Do For Money018. Features - Low Budget (under 250 thousand)SILVER REMIAviFedergreenWarren P. Sonoda, Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
Shadows of History - Hitler's Secret Bio Weapons226. History & ArchaeologyGOLD REMICarstenFehseCarsten Fehse, Producer : MTP-Filmstudio ~ GERMANY
Britain: Victims of Youth Violence108. DocumentaryPLATINUM REMIAlexanderFeistBirgit Maass, Writer ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Belarus: The Witness122. Investigative JournalismPLATINUM REMIAlexanderFeistChristian F. Trippe, Writer ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Turkey: The village of Intersexuals219. Ethnic / CulturalPLATINUM REMIAlexanderFeistGunnar Koehne, Writer ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Poland: Where World War II began226. History & ArchaeologyGOLD REMIAlexanderFeistFrank Hofmann, Writer : Deutsche Welle ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Italy/Romania: Working Under the Counter108. DocumentaryGOLD REMIAlexanderFeistPaul Tutsek / Alexander Feist, Writers ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Dog4Life305. Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark GOLD REMIDediFelmanDedi Felman, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
The Dialog Interchange ProgramShorts - Comedy - OriginalSILVER REMIBrendanFeltrup-ExumBrendan Feltrup-Exum, Director ~ Burleson, TX
Architecture of the Universe309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes), , BRONZE REMIIsaacFernandez RodriguezIsaac Fernández, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Wake From Death & Return To Life311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIAndrewFerrerJavier Gonzalez, Andrew Ferrer, Directors/Writers : Paradox Film Productions ~ Atlanta GA
BARADARShorts - Dramatic - AdaptationGOLD REMIPrem1ereFilmBeppe Tufarulo, Director ~ ITALY
FERINEShorts - Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMIPrem1ereFilmANDREA CORSINI, Director ~ ITALY
Take Me to Tarzana006. Features - Comedy GOLD REMITake Me to TarzanaFilmMaceo Greenberg, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
The Last Harvest309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMILast HarvestFilmAlexis Spraic, Director ~ Watsonville, CA
The Hunt311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIEliseFinnertyElise Finnerty, Director : Red Booth Productions and Park Studio ~ New York, NY
Achan and EzraShorts - Comedy - OriginalPLATINUM REMIYanFisherYan Fisher and Omri Rose, Director and Writer ~ Beverly Hills, CA
A Horsey Name304. Comedy - AdaptationGOLD REMINatashaFissiakNatasha Fissiak, Director ~ Middle Island, NY
MemoriesBEST SCREENPLAYGRAND REMI AWARDNorman RayFittsNorman Ray Fitts, Writer ~ Houston, TX
River City Drumbeat005. Features - Documentary SILVER REMIAnneFlatteAnne Flatté, Marlon Johnson, Director : Owsley Brown Presents ~ San Francisco, CA
Effigy – Poison and the City017. Features - Historical / Period Piece GOLD REMIUdoFlohrUdo Flohr, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Effigy – Poison and the CityArt DirectionGOLD REMIUdoFlohrKnut Splett-Henning ~ Berlin, GERMANY
The Buddy I Never Met205. BiographicalSILVER REMIKellerFornesKeller Fornes, Director ~ Atlanta, GA
UNACCOMPANIED: Alone in AmericaShorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)GOLD REMILindaFreedmanLinda Freedman, Director/Writer/Producer ~ Portland, OR
Trail Blader239. MotivationalGOLD REMIZacharyFriedleyCraig Spoth, Director : Eureka Productions ~ Point Reyes Station, CA
S T O P357. Experimental - Film & Video ArtGOLD REMIMarieliFroehlichMarieli Froehlich, Director ~ Vienna, AUSTRIA
The Xmas Mishaps of Harlow StoatShorts - Animated (Clay & Other)BRONZE REMIIsaias ZaiGallardoIsaias Zai Gallardo, Director ~ Pearland, TX
MAN FROM BEIRUT018. Features - Low Budget (under 250 thousand)BRONZE REMIChristophGamplChristoph Gampl, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
CagnolinoShorts Craft - Music, Long Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIHugo DiegoGarciaHugo Diego Garcia, Director ~ West Hollywood, CA (FRANCE)
The YouthShorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMISeanGarciaSean Garcia, Director ~ Glendale, CA
Encircle Me311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIGaborGasparDayana Fleur, Director ~ Culver City, CA
Circle of StoneShorts - Fantasy / Horror, Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIpatriciagatzMark Andrews, Director : Juniper Road Films ~ Piedmont, CA
ENCUENTRO311. Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIRenatoGelamboIvan Löwenberg, Director ~ Miami, FL
We Can Office.255. Sales & Marketing - IndustryPLATINUM REMIThomasGellertThomas Gellert, Cinematographer/Director ~ GERMANY
#EVERYDAMNDAY258. SportsSILVER REMIThomasGellertThomas Gellert, Director ~ GERMANY
Altera Pars316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMISotirisGeorgantasSotitis Georgantas, Director ~ GREECE
ImpermanenceLong Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerGOLD REMIQuýGia PhạmPhạm Gia Quý, Director ~ Savannah, GA
Well But Not Very Well (Bene Ma Non Benissimo)Best Rising Star ~ FemaleGOLD REMIFrancescaGiordanoBest Rising Star~Actress ~ ITALY
LOST KINGS OF BIOKO240. Nature & WildlifeSPECIAL JURY REMIOliverGoetzlOliver Goetzl, Director : GULO FILM PRODUCTIONS ~ Hamburg, GERMANY
Make Your Own Kind of Music702. BiographicalPLATINUM REMINathan CalinerGoldmanNathan Carliner Goldman, Writer ~ Missouri City, TX
Zero Impunity002. AnimatedBRONZE REMIMartinGondreNicolas Blies & Stephane Hueber-Blies, Directors : Indie Sales ~ Paris, FRANCE
If Anything Happens I Love YouShorts - Animated (Classic Cel Animation)GOLD REMIOhGood ProductionsWill McCormack, Michael Govier, Directors : Oh Good Productions ~ Los Angeles, CA
Old Hen311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIToddGordonTodd I. Gordon, Director ~ Irvington, NY
LINE OF LIFE203. Arts / CulturalGOLD REMIBorisGortinskiDarko Bajic, Director ~ South Pasadena, CA (SERBIA)
Wanda's Place714. Short Film Screenplays (under 60 pages, lower entry fee)SILVER REMIPawelGrajnertPawel Grajnert, Writer ~ Beverly Shores, IN
Revelation of Jonah309 - Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SPECIAL JURY REMIAlexander & NicoleGratovskyAlexander and Nicole Gratovsky, Directors ~ SPAIN
EXTRA INNINGS311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIJohnGrayJohn Gray, Director ~ New York, NY
LOVING BYRONShorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIDeante'GrayDeante' Gray, Director ~ Glendale, CA
A Race to Jihad708. Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIJulie GreeneEdgaras Zemaitis, Julie A. Greene, Writers : Monkey Dog Entertainment ~ LITHUANIA
THE ZEN SPEAKER: Breaking the Silence205. BiographicalBRONZE REMIRobinGreenspunRobin Greenspun, Director ~ Henderson, NV
Fallen 314. Shorts - HistoricalGOLD REMIGraceGriffithGrace Griffith, Director ~ AUSTRALIA
Fake News Blues705. Screenplay - Comedy - OriginalSILVER REMIJoeGrinsteinJoe Grinstein, Writer ~ Houston, TX
Downs of the Dead305. Comedy - Black / DarkGOLD REMIEven HusbyGrødahlEven Husby Grødahl, Director ~ NORWAY
Trauma Zéro316. Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIAmandineGrosIsabelle Fernandez, Producer ~ FRANCE
97 minutes701. Action/ AdventureGOLD REMIPavanGroverPavan Grover MD, Writer ~ Houston, TX
DOS FRIDAS (TWO FRIDAS)012. Experimental DogmaGOLD REMIIshtarGutierrezIshtar Yasin, Director : ASTARTÉ FILMS ~ COSTA RICA
End of the Rope317. Shorts - Science FictionBRONZE REMIsibelguvencSibel Guvenc, Director : Kybele Films ~ Toronto, CANADA
The Housecats212. DocumentaryGOLD REMIMollyHackettMolly Hackett, Director ~ Bristol, UK
A Billion Dollar Power Station813. Music Video - Specials / ShowsPLATINUM REMImarkhaefeliMark Haefeli, Director : Mark Haefeli Productions ~ Montclair, NJ
A Song of Seasons: Bryce Canyon National Park240. Nature & WildlifeSPECIAL JURY REMISusanHainesAnne Tubiolo, Director : National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center ~ Harpers Ferry, WV
Minidoka: An American Concentration Camp212. DocumentaryGOLD REMISusanHainesRory Banyard, Director : National Park Service & North Shore Productions ~ Harpers Ferry, WV
Hope Village 005. Features - Documentary GOLD REMIRi-KarloHandyRI-KARLO HANDY, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
The technology that changes future life108. DocumentaryGOLD REMIYuHao TingTan Chia Lin, Director : Deep Waters Digital Support INC and National Cheng Kung University ~ Taipei, TAIWAN
New Wonderful World109. EducationGOLD REMIYuHao TingTan Chia Lin, Director : Deep Waters Digital Support INC ~ Taipei, TAIWAN
All That You Love Will Be Carried Away316. Long Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMIHendrikHarmsHendrik Harms, Director : Harms Way Studios ~ UK
Reflective BlueShorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIJocelynHarpJocelyn Harp, Director ~ Lyon, FRANCE
The Way That I Take311. Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIChrisHartwellChris Hartwell, Director ~ Richmond, TX
Slaughter Beach708. Screenplay - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMITroyHarvey GrahamTroy Harvey Graham, Writer ~ AUSTRALIA
Bad Weather714. Screenplay - Short Film ScreenplaysPLATINUM REMITroyHarvey GrahamTroy Harvey Graham, Writer ~ AUSTRALIA
Breathe317. Shorts - Science FictionBRONZE REMIShayeHatfieldAustin Smith, Director ~ Virginia Beach, VA
The Burning Man Fantasia357. Experimental - Film & Video ArtSILVER REMIAndrewHawkinsAndrew Hawkins, Jeff Marx, Directors ~ Hollywood, FL
All I Have to Offer You Is Me309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIDillonHayesDillon Hayes, Director ~ Ventura, CA
Go Visit Corpus Christi921. New Media - Cellular Media - Commercial Videos GOLD REMIKiraHaysBill Pettus, Writer/Producer : Pettus Advertising ~ Corpus Christi, TX
First KillShorts - Comedy - Black / Dark BRONZE REMIElisabethHaywardElisabeth Hayward, Writer : FK Productions ~ Encino, CA
THE BETShorts - Dramatic - Original, Shorts - Family / ChildrenGOLD REMITianHeTian He, Director ~ Alhambra, CA
Japanese orphanStudent - College Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMIZifanHeXiangda Ding, Director ~ CHINA
Exit to EternityShorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)SILVER REMIDavid ScottHeckDavid Scott Heck, Director : WTH Films ~ Houston, TX
Champions Golf Club – Cypress Creek Course hole-by-hole drone video tour327. Use of DronesGOLD REMIKarlHeimKarl Heim, Director : KH Studio ~ Houston, TX
Take Your Dream005. Features - Documentary SPECIAL JURY REMIE WHelmickE W Helmick, Director ~ Ault, CO (AUSTRALIA)
THE HIGH FRONTIER: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O'Neill015. First Feature025A. The WorldFest/NASA AwardsGOLD REMIWillHenryDylan Taylor, Producer ~ West Hollywood, CA
¡Come! (eat)Shorts - Family / ChildrenSILVER REMIMatthewHerbertzMatthew Herbertz, Producer : KILTERED PRODUCTIONS ~ Lakeland, FL
The Unknown Life of Antarctica - A year amid eternal ice 005. Features - Documentary GOLD REMIKirstenHerfelJoanna Michna, Lars Pfeiffer, Directors : Vision Airways GmbH ~ Hamburg, GERMANY
39.5015. Features - First FeatureGOLD REMIKaraHeroldKara Herold, Director ~ San Francisco, CA
THE PERFECT KHAN 002. AnimatedSILVER REMIJay HickmanJay Hickman, Director : Comfort Wheel Productions ~ Houston, TX
Walk With Me: when War Comes To Your Door139. Religious ProgramsPLATINUM REMISondra HicksSondra Martin Hicks, Director : HeartStone Pictures ~ Richmond, TX
JAMES316. Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIdavidhiginioDavid Higinio, Director : Origins ~ CANADA
Grimsby Girl305. Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark GOLD REMINiyaHillNiya Hill, Writer ~ London, UK
Put Your Hand on the Line205. BiographicalSILVER REMIJackHirnJACK HIRN, Producer ~ Pasadena, CA
Beyond Her Lens311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSPECIAL JURY REMITerezaHirschTereza Hirsch, Director ~ CZECH REPUBLIC
We Don't Understand Him, He Speaks in Broken English.257. Social / Economic IssuesSILVER REMISarah-BethHoggGabar Choli, Director ~ CANADA
What You Should Know Podcast922. New Media - Video PodcastPLATINUM REMICornerstoneHome LendingAndrina Valdes, Kathy Lynn Halkins, Directors ~ San Antonio, TX
BuildersTV Commercials - Over 30 Sec.GOLD REMICornerstoneHome LendingSam Rossiello, Director ~ San Antonio, TX
On the FenceTV Commercials - 30 Sec.SILVER REMICornerstoneHome LendingChristiano Dias, Director ~ San Antonio, Texas
Pants RentalTV Commercials - Over 30 Sec.SILVER REMICornerstoneHome LendingChristiano Dias, Director ~ San Antonio, Texas
PartnersTV Commercials - Over 30 Sec.BRONZE REMICornerstoneHome LendingChristiano Dias, Director ~ San Antonio, Texas
DebunkopotamusTV Commercials - Over 30 Sec.BRONZE REMICornerstoneHome LendingChristiano Dias, Director ~ San Antonio, Texas
Mom, Don't Cry Anymore108. DocumentaryPLATINUM REMIMasakoHorikawaMasako Horikawa, Director : Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation ~ Osaka, JAPAN
The mobilitymaker.487. Transportation470. Public ServiceGOLD REMIAnnaHrachovecAnna Hrachovec, Director ~ Chicago, IL
Endless Love-microfilmShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMILeiHsiaoEddie Lin, Director : TVBS Media Incorporated ~ Taipei, TAIWAN
A Separation601. Graduate Level Student ProductionsPLATINUM REMIYalanHuYalan Hu, Director ~ Tallahassee, FL
The Untitled Portrait of RedStudent - College Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMISimeonHuSimeon Hu, Director ~ New York, NY
Fertile MyrtleShorts - Comedy - Black / Dark PLATINUM REMIRobinHumbertRobin Humbert, Director : Potencia ~ Los Angeles, CA
Cries from the Ground602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsPLATINUM REMIJordanHuntJordan Hunt, Director ~ McDonough, GA
ABBA Forever - The Winner Takes It AllShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes), Shorts Craft - Directing, Shorts Craft - Editing, Long Shorts - Documentary, Shorts - Performing Arts / DancePLATINUM REMIChrisHuntChris Hunt, Director : Stanza Media ~ Bristol, UK
MUSIC IN THE BOX104. Children's Audience149. TV Series - InformationalGOLD REMISeyeonHwangSeyeon Hwang, Director : EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) ~ SOUTH KOREA
STAYShorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)BRONZE REMIjunghyunHwangJunghyun Hwang, Director ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
turnShorts Craft - MusicGOLD REMI무 영

mooii, Director ~ SOUTH KOREA
Because YoonJi is shinyShorts - Comedy - RomanticBRONZE REMI무 영

mooii, Director ~ SOUTH KOREA
The Ghost of Peter Sellers005. DocumentaryGOLD REMIPaulIacovouPaul Iacovou, Producer : Vegas Media ~ CYPRUS
Who Killed Her?305. Comedy - Black / DarkGOLD REMIKim(김)Il Dong (일동)Il Dong (일동) Kim(김), Director ~ SOUTH KOREA
Ninì316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMITullioImperatoreTullio Imperatore, Director ~ Napoli, ITALY
This Is Me311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMILydiaIsnantoLydia Isnanto, Director ~ Austin, TX
Ruth257. Social / Economic IssuesSILVER REMIShannonIveyShannon Jarrell-Ivey, Director ~ Schertz, TX
Selling Lies245. Political / International IssuesPLATINUM REMILeslieIwerksLeslie Iwerks, Director ~ Santa Monica, CA
Hung Up318. Shorts - WesternsSPECIAL JURY REMIMelissaJacksonMelissa Jackson, Producer ~ New York, NY
Park Acrobats923. New Media - Web Series BRONZE REMIMeredithJacksonMeredith Jackson, Director ~ Beverly Hills, CA
Down the River311. Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalGOLD REMIDaniel H.JacobsonDaniel H. Jacobson, Director ~ Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Decoding the Driftless005. Features - Documentary SILVER REMITimothyJacobsonTimothy Jacobson, Producer : Sustainable Drifltess, Inc. ~ La Crescent, MN
The Sound of SilenceShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIKatarzynaJankowiakMarek Kłosowicz, Dariusz Twaróg, Directors ~ Warsaw, POLAND
My Father The Mover243. performance arts, dancePLATINUM REMIJuliaJanschJULIA JANSCH, Director ~ New York, NY
DRIVEWAYSBest Rising Star ~ MaleGOLD REMILukasJayeUSA
DRIVEWAYSLifetime Achievement AwardGOLD REMIBrianDennehyFor His Long and Brilliant Career, more than 180 Feature Films. The Remi Gold Statuette.
DRIVEWAYSFeatures - Dramatic / Original SPECIAL JURY REMIAndrewAhnAndrew Ahn, Director
Intolerance - A Short Film326. Shorts Craft - Screenplay / ScriptGOLD REMIBenjaminJeffersonBenjamin Jefferson, Director ~ Houston, TX
THE DEAD SOLDIER309. Shorts - DocumentaryGOLD REMIJonatan JerichowJesper Ærø, Director : STV Production ~ DENMARK
With Funding110. EntertainmentGOLD REMIYunsunJiTAEHO KIM, Director : MBC ~ SOUTH KOREA
News Desk - Burning Sun Gate106. Continuing News Story CoverageSILVER REMIYunsunJiCHUNG-HWAN YOO, Director: MBC ~ SOUTH KOREA
My Secret Terrius147. TV Series - DramaticSILVER REMIYunsunJiSANGHOON PARK, Director : MBC ~ SOUTH KOREA
Children Of Nobody147. TV Series - DramaticBRONZE REMIYunsunJiSANGHOON PARK, Director : MBC ~ SOUTH KOREA
Memory Book115. Information, Cultural or Historical Program - SeriesBRONZE REMIYunsunJiBYEOL CHOI, HOSUNG KIM, Directors : MBC ~ SOUTH KOREA
The Hereafter Without YouShorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIRuishuJiangDanel Azimova, Writer ~ Los Angeles, CA
The Parietal-bone Relic of Sakyamuni BuddhaShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIjiacenjiangHui Xiong, Director : Nanjing Rodio Advertising Co. ~ CHINA
DMZ StoryShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes), Shorts - HistoricalSILVER REMIMINGYEONGJOJo MinGyeong, Director : Unification Press Award /Journalists Association of SOUTH KOREA, PD Association, SOUTH KOREAn Press Union ~ SOUTH KOREA
Back From The Brink257. Social / Economic IssuesGOLD REMIDustinJonesDustin Jones and Emma Pettinga, Directors ~ Long Beach, CA
The Ring317. Shorts - Science FictionSILVER REMIEricJonesBrandon Curless, Director ~ Missouri City, TX
MANDALAShorts - Computer Generated / CGI / Mixed Media / 3DGOLD REMIKiranJoshiKiran Bhakta Joshi, Director ~ Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
A Woman Torn in Half311. Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIMarcoJoubertMarco Joubert, Director ~ Montreal, CANADA
Transcript with shadows357. Experimental - Film & Video ArtBRONZE REMINiuJun QiangNIU JUN QIANG, Director ~ Taipei, TAIWAN
DIE VEREINBARUNG - THE AGREEMENT (dir. Poetz)313. Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMIMarkusKaatschFalk Poetz, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
CABARETE (dir. Bordas)025B. Coming of AgeSILVER REMIMarkusKaatschIvan Bordas, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
BOAT (dir. Stern)Long Shorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)BRONZE REMIMarkusKaatschLouise Stern, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
ICH ARMER MENSCH - I, WRETCHED MAN (dir. Wilplinger)Music Video - ClassicalBRONZE REMIMarkusKaatschBastian Wilplinger, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
NEVER GIVE UP (dir. Schörnig)Long Shorts - DocumentaryBRONZE REMIMarkusKaatschJonathan Schörnig, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Overcast311. Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalBRONZE REMIAnthonyKalmetaAnthony Kalmeta, Director ~ Irvine, CA
"On This Hallowed Ground" Vietnam Veterans Memorial Born From Tragedy005. Features - Documentary GOLD REMISarahKanafaniSarah Kanafani, Director ~ Rio Rancho, NM
Bullet Trip016. Features - ForeignSPECIAL JURY REMINozomuKasagiNozomu Kasagi, Director ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
Bullet TripBest International Film AwardGOLD REMINozomuKasagiOlga Tarasova's Russian American Business Magazine Special Award for Best International Feature
Kök Börü. Game of the Tough001. Action / AdventurePLATINUM REMIMirbekKasimovRuslan Akun, Director : Nomadmen Media ~ KYRGYZSTAN
Tokyo Offerings Flower014. Fantasy / HorrorSPECIAL JURY REMIMasayaKatoMasaya Kato, Director ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
Tokyo Offerings FlowerSpecial EffectsGOLD REMIMasayaKatoRyoma Masamoto ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
Tokyo Offerings FlowerSpecial Make Up DesignGOLD REMIMasayaKatoMori Naito, Maki Watanabe, Yuko Minamiya ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
GREEN311. Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIMustafaKaymakSuzanne Andrews Correa, Director ~ New York, NY
Keep me in the Game309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIDominiqueKellerDominique Keller, Director ~ Calgary, CANADA
Stout Hearted226.History & ArchaeologySILVER REMIkevinkelleyKevin Kelley. Director : New Mile Media Arts ~ Iowa City, IA
The Road to You715. Spiritual / Religious / ChristianSILVER REMIAmy Walker Molina,Kelli Cloud BartonKelli Cloud Barton, Amy Walker Molina, Writers ~ White Oak, TX
How Did It Ever Get This Late805. GroupsPLATINUM REMIRichardKennedyJulia Dixon, Richard Kennedy, Writers : Words and Pictures ~ Wise, VA
Fast Forward Style 307. Shorts - Comedy - RomanticSILVER REMIKari KennonKari Kennon, Director ~ Shreveport, LA
The comfort of LOURDES139. Religious Programs158. DirectionGOLD REMISilhwaKimSilhwa Kim, Director : TBC ~ SOUTH KOREA
Ssireum, Beyond Division and Connecting the World151. TV Special - Documentary107. CulturalGOLD REMISoojiKimKim Seon-yeong, Jeong Tae-gyeong, Directors : Arirang TV ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Furthest From601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMIKyung SokKimKyung Sok Kim, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
FairplayStudent - Graduate Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMIKyung JungKimKyung Jung Kim, Director ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Islands810. Music Video - R&B / Soul / Rap / Hip-HopBRONZE REMIYuitoKimuraYuito Kimura, Director ~ Berkeley, CA
Nightmare in ParadiseShorts - Comedy - OriginalGOLD REMIRobertKirkRobert Kirk, Director ~ Murrieta, CA
Fáshiön: The Ghost of Luke James309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMINikKleverovNik Kleverov, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
His Hand305. Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark SILVER REMIPhillipKlimekPhillip Klimek, Director ~ AUSTRALIA
All Night LongLong Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalBRONZE REMIMichaelKlubeckMichael Klubeck, Director ~ New York, NY
Operation Storm314. HistoricalSILVER REMINikolaKnez, DirectorDr. Dorothy McClellan & Nikola Knez, Writers : Nikola Knez, iFilms & Croatian Film Institute ~ Texas -Croatia
Operation Storm714. Short Film Screenplays (under 60 pages, lower entry fee)SILVER REMInikolaKnezDr. Dorothy McClellan & Dr. Sc. Miroslav Medjimorec, Writers ~ iFilms & Croatian Film Institute ~ Texas -Croatia
Great Name in Education - Lorenzo490. Universities / Colleges / SchoolsGOLD REMIStephanieKnificCraig Loper, Director : Sam Houston State University Marketing & Communications ~ Huntsville, TX
SEE YOU TOMORROW 321. Shorts Craft - DirectingPLATINUM REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
Finding Harold 311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
Texas Stories: Oakdale Park226. History & ArchaeologySILVER REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
Cowboy Church251. Religion / Ethics / SpiritualitySILVER REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
So What Now?321. Shorts Craft - DirectingSILVER REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
Journey Back to Jackson Park Shorts Craft - DirectingBRONZE REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
Lawyer Lady321. Shorts Craft - DirectingBRONZE REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
Long Long Ago321. Shorts Craft - DirectingBRONZE REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
Spies! 321. Shorts Craft - DirectingBRONZE REMIKatarzynaKochanyKatarzyna Kochany, Director ~ CANADA
Forests of Taroko212. DocumentaryPLATINUM REMIKellyKokTung Kun, Liao, Director : Taroko National Park ~ TAIWAN
Dallas in PrizziShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIJasonKonopisosDave Atkinson, Producer ~ Los Angeles, CA
Welcome BackStudent - Graduate Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMITiffanyKontoyiannisTiffany Kontoyiannis, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
The Rurik Dynasty149. TV Series - InformationalSPECIAL JURY REMISvetlanaKorobkinaMaksim Bespaluy, Director : Star Media, Babich Design ~ Kiev, UKRAINE
The Pleasure Principle144. TV Mini-seriesPLATINUM REMISvetlanaKorobkinaDariusz Jablonski, Director : Apple Film Production (produced by), Star Media (produced by), Canal+ Polska (co-production), Ceská Televize (co-production), Beta Film (produced in association with) ~ Kiev, UKRAINE
Cold Shores 147. TV Series - DramaticPLATINUM REMISvetlanaKorobkinaSergey Komarov, Director : Star Media ~ Kiev, UKRAINE
Rendezvous316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMISethKozakSeth Kozak, Writer/Producer ~ Cibolo, TX
YarneShorts - Family / ChildrenPLATINUM REMIAndrewKrakowerAndrew Krakower, Director ~ Houston, TX
Knock Knock Knock 311. Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalGOLD REMIRajKrishnaSudhanshu Saria, Director ~ Menlo Park, CA
Man with Shadow012. Experimental DogmaPLATINUM REMIEmaKuglerEma Kugler, Director ~ SLOVENIA
American Woman017. Historical / Period PieceGOLD REMIEmily KulasaChristina Piovesan, Noah Segal, Semi Chellas, Producers ~ Toronto, CANADA
WOMAN OF THE PHOTOGRAPHS012. Experimental DogmaBRONZE REMITakeshiKUSHIDATakeshi KUSHIDA, Director ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
Body Swap006. Features - Comedy PLATINUM REMIJimmyKustesJimmy Kustes, Producer ~ Louisville, KY
The Vagabond Vegan Does Outlaw Baseball143. Travel / TourismSILVER REMIAbbyKwiatkowskiAbby Kwiatkowski, Director ~ Cottonwood, AZ
The Vagabond Vegan Gone To The Dogs143. Travel / TourismBRONZE REMIAbbyKwiatkowskiAbby Kwiatkowski, Executive Producer ~ Cottonwood, AZ
A Deaf School for Peru309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIAlexLaferriereAlexander Laferriere, Director ~ Providence, RI
Pressure301. Shorts - Animated (Classic Cel Animation)BRONZE REMIAnthonyLambertTony Drake, Luke James Shaffer, Directors : House Studios and Blue Geek Music ~ Parkville, MD
Battered Husband019. Features - Mature / Adult ThemesSILVER REMIFerdinandLapuzRalston Gonzales Jover, Director ~ PHILIPPINES
DISTANCE010. Features - DramaticBRONZE REMIFerdinandLapuzPerci Intalan, Director ~ PHILIPPINES
Shelter Me: Soul Awakened257. Social / Economic IssuesSPECIAL JURY REMIStevenLathamSteven Latham & Conrad Stanely, Directors : Steven Latham Productions ~ Santa Monica, CA
The Mustangs: America's Wild Horses226. History & ArchaeologyGOLD REMIStevenLathamSteven Latham & Conrad Stanely, Directors : Steven Latham Productions ~ Santa Monica, CA
Demon CoolerShorts - Fantasy / HorrorBRONZE REMIChristopher RyanLaughterChristopher Ryan Laughter, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
The Man On The Inside316. Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMISeanLawlessSean Lawless, Director ~ Katy, TX
Couterattack of the Rain240. Nature & WildlifeGOLD REMIjongmoonLEESang-bok Kim, Director : ECO21 ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Korean football club in Spain, Qum258. SportsGOLD REMIjongmoonLEEYoung-ah Hong, Dong-ho Shin, Directors : Saryeoni Film ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Betrayal of Space Pt. 1 Murderer's roomLong Shorts - DocumentaryGOLD REMIjongmoonLEEJi-eun Choi, Director : Contents SangSang AkDan ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
WishStudent - Graduate Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMISeyoungLeeSeyoung Lee, Director ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Caterpillar Planet311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIYoungjaeLeeYoungjae Lee, Director ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Goguryeo Horse RouteFeatures - Historical / Period Piece SILVER REMIjongmoonLEEYeo-chang Yoon, Director ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
DMZ : Road To PeaceShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIjongmoonLEESeung bae OH, Director : KFN ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Bring Home Fallen HeroesShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIjongmoonLEESeung bae OH, Director : KFN ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
The Rime of the Amnok River RaftersLong Shorts - DocumentarySILVER REMIjongmoonLEECheon-hyeon Cho, Director ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Symphony to My Father108. DocumentarySILVER REMIJongmoonLEEJeon Sungho, Director ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Female Cadets of ROKShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIjongmoonLEESeung bae OH, Director : KFN ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
My Mother is a SoldierShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIjongmoonLEESeung bae OH, Director : KFN ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Deutsche Welle, Arts.21: "Udo Lindenberg - Godfather of German Rock"107. CulturalPLATINUM REMIAndreasLeixneringSusanne Lenz-Gleissner, Director; Susanne Lenz-Gleissner, Andreas Leixnering, Reporters : Deutsche Welle, Arts.21 ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Baking Bread117. Lifestyle Programming - Series PLATINUM REMIAndreasLeixneringGeorg Matthes, Director; Susanne Lenz-Gleissner, Rolf Rische, Max Hofmann, Melanie von Marschalck, Boris Claudi, Oliver Glasenapp : Deutsche Welle ~ Berlin, GERMANY
Tasty Taipei - Food, Fusion and Fun116. Lifestyle Programming - ProgramGOLD REMIAndreasLeixneringBoris Claudi, Director; Meggin Leigh, Tzung-Han Tsou : Deutsche Welle ~ Berlin, GERMANY
The Overcoat355. DramaticPLATINUM REMIDavidLembergJustin 'Juice' Black, Director ~ UK
petits poissons (Small Fish)309. DocumentaryPLATINUM REMIQuentin LestienneQuentin Lestienne, Director ~ FRANCE
The future, unexpected encounters423. Cultural Institutions / OrganizationsPLATINUM REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
A Journey through Historical Documents: Wandering in Ancient Sazum through Qing Dynasty Documents901. Hi-Def / New TechnologyPLATINUM REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
Elegant Encounters─AR In-Gallery Guide902. Interactive - Adult / ProfessionalPLATINUM REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
Eco-Rethink: NPM x LYM x NTM Special Exhibition904. Interactive - ChildrenPLATINUM REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum, Lanyang Museum, National Taiwan Museum ~ TAIWAN
Betwixt Reality and Illusion: Special Exhibition of Jades from the Warring States Period to the Han...912. WebsitesPLATINUM REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
The Tibetan Dragon Sutra211. CulturalGOLD REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
Reflections Along the River – NPM × WEIWUYING New Media Art Exhibition901. Hi-Def / New TechnologyGOLD REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
Marvels within the Sea—NPM x NMMST Special Exhibtion904. Interactive - ChildrenGOLD REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
The Epitome of Aesthetics – New Media Art Exhibition906. Interactive - Educational - ChildrenGOLD REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
Friends Through Culture: A Special Exhibition of Paintings on Elegant Gatherings915. Best Home / Intro / Welcome PageGOLD REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
New Horizons – NPM x KMFA New Media Art Exhibition901. Hi-Def / New TechnologySILVER REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
The Epitome of Aesthetics – New Media Art Exhibition915. Best Home / Intro / Welcome PageSILVER REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
NPM 3D Action Theater906. Interactive - Educational - ChildrenSILVER REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
Good Will Memory312. Shorts - Family / ChildrenBRONZE REMIPengchenLiYang Bai, Director ~ Baldwin Park, CA
The Epitome of Aesthetics923. Web SeriesBRONZE REMIDaisyLiNational Palace Museum ~ Taiwan
Mel315. Shorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)BRONZE REMIYuanLiangYuan Elizabeth Liang, Director ~ South Pasadena, CA
100% GirlStudent - Middle / Grade School & Below (14 & Younger)BRONZE REMIChenLiang YuChen Liangyu, Director ~ TAIWAN
Song of Love015. Features - First FeatureSPECIAL JURY REMIJulieLinMr. Ge Jian, Producer : Inner Mongolia Xuri Tara Cultural Industry Co. Ltd ~ Beijing, CHINA
Little BeeShorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIJojoLinLaway Talay, Director : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
IPCF_TITV Corporate Identity:10th AnniversaryTV Commercials - PSA's - Over 30 Sec.PLATINUM REMIJojoLinBaulese Lovaniyau, Director : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
EGG CAR904. New Media - Interactive – ChildrenGOLD REMIStephanieLinChang, Kai-Hsiang, Director : Bilibili Inc. ~ TAIWAN
The Adventure of Yumin and YumaShorts - Animated (Classic Cel Animation)GOLD REMIJojoLinChun-Hsu Su, Director : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
Dapin: Footprints in TaiwanShorts - Family / ChildrenGOLD REMIJojoLinShiau Yun Chan, Director : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
IPCF_TITV Corporate Identity: 9th AnniversaryTV Commercials - PSA's - Over 30 Sec.GOLD REMIJojoLinBaulese Lovaniyau, Director : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
THE HEARTShorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIJojoLinQosas Tanapima, Director : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
Melodious Singing Echoes in the Valley010. Features - DramaticSILVER REMIJojoLinLaway Dalay, Director : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
Qyawan226.History & ArchaeologyBRONZE REMIJojoLinSayun Simung, Director: Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
IPCF_TITV Corporate Identity: CulturalTV Commercials - PSA's - Public ServiceBRONZE REMIJojoLinTrevor Liao, Director : Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation_Taiwan Indigenous TV ~ TAIWAN
Private ViewBEST EXPERIMENTALGRAND REMI AWARDTheoLindquistTheo Lindquist, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Evenflo Pivot Explore AnthemTV Commercials - PSA's - Over 30 Sec.GOLD REMINathanLindstromNathan Lindstrom, Director : Nathan Lindstrom Photography ~ Houston, TX
Röhrs – what drives us?229. Industrial / TechnicalPLATINUM REMIBernhardLinggDoris Schmid, Director : silberstern GmbH Filmproduktion ~ Kempten, GERMANY
The new Fendt 700 Vario with FendtONE operating philosophy202. AgricultureGOLD REMIBernhardLinggDoris Schmid, Director : silberstern GmbH Filmproduktion ~ Kempten, GERMANY
Liebherr-Aerospace - Test and Qualification Center229. Industrial / TechnicalGOLD REMIBernhardLinggBernhard Lingg, Director : silberstern GmbH Filmproduktion ~ Kempten, GERMANY
The Man Who Fell In Love With His PlantShorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMITor KristianLisethJulian Nazario Vargas, Director ~ Oslo, NORWAY
Offstage Elements009. ChristianPLATINUM REMIFrank LisiFrank Lisi, Director ~ Cherry Hill, NJ
The Fading Village005. Features - Documentary SPECIAL JURY REMIFeiLiuLiu Feifang, Director ~ CHINA
REWIND317. Long Shorts - Science FictionPLATINUM REMIYingLiu HatchYing Liu Hatch, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Burgeoning601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMIYingzhiLiulingYingzhi Liuling, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Knuckles, a Hip Hop Musical020. Features - MusicalSILVER REMITreteLoTrete Lo, Director : Underground South Connection ~ Houston, TX
Things Falling ApartBEST STUDENT FILM-TIEGRAND REMI AWARD-TIEDanielLoepfeDaniel Loepfe, Director ~ Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Welcome to Insperity210. Corporate CommunicationBRONZE REMIJimmyLoganJimmy Logan, Director : Insperity Sales Performance Improvement ~ Kingwood, TX
The Soundtrack356. FANTASY/HORRORSILVER REMINelsonLopezNelson Lopez, Director : DC Monkey Films ~ Houston, TX
You's 100th BirthdayShorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMISevenLuRingo Ye, Director ~ CHINA
MAN CitE406. AutomativePLATINUM REMIMatiasLugeKlaus Naumann, Director : MAN Truck & Bus SE ~ Munich, GERMANY
Just SIXT406. AutomativePLATINUM REMIMatiasLugeKlaus Naumann, Director : Sixt SE ~ Munich, GERMANY
Doppler Corporate Film209. Corporate Image & OrientationGOLD REMIMatiasLugeKlaus Naumann, Director : doppler E. Doppler & Co GmbH ~ Munich, GERMANY
Joyson Safety Systems408. Automative ProductsGOLD REMIMatiasLugeKlaus Naumann, Director : Joyson Safety Systems GmbH ~ Munich, GERMANY
White Wolf: Zombie KillerShorts - Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMIMarianaLuiKenneth Lui, Director ~ Whittier, CA
Call Me Agent001. Features - Action / AdventureSILVER REMIVincentLukVincent Luk, Actor : Dramovie Limited ~ HONG KONG
SURDINE007. Features - Comedy - Black/Dark SILVER REMIJoao PauloMacedoRodrigo Areias, Director ~ PORTUGAL
Sweet HeartShorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIMadelineMackMadeline Mack, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps [Director's Cut]322. Shorts Craft - EditingBRONZE REMIMaheshMadhav, DirectorMahesh Madhav, Director, Ruchika Agrawal, Assistant Editor ~ Portland, OR
The Scream317. Science FictionPLATINUM REMILucaMagriFrancesco Barilli, Director : Avila Entertainment srl ~ ITALY
Josef - Born in Grace009. ChristianSILVER REMIIshanMahapatraSusant Misra, Director : UA Kathachitra Pvt. Ltd ~ INDIA
The Human Condition306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalPLATINUM REMIBalaSantoshMajjiJon Stewart, Director ~ Savannah, GA
Marghe and Her Mother016. Features - ForeignGOLD REMIMaysamMakhmalbafMohsen Makhmalbaf, Director : Makhmalbaf Film House ~ London, UK
Thunder Rush001. Action / AdventureGOLD REMIEdwardMaloneBrotha Ed, Director ~ Houston, TX
Lasagna (Eve Without Adam)311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSPECIAL JURY REMIDoaMamaAdi Victory, Director ~ INDONESIA
Powder (Polvo)016. Features - ForeignGOLD REMISofiaMarquezJose Maria Yazpik, Director ~ MEXICO
Voices of Cades Cove, Part 8: Shattered Peace205. Biographical or AutobiographicalSILVER REMIKateMarshallKate Marshall, Director : Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. ~ Alpharetta, GA
Voices of Cades Cove, Part 8: Shattered Peace206. Travel / TourismSILVER REMIKateMarshallKate Marshall, Director : Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. ~ Alpharetta, GA
Veterans Journey Home: Leaving it on the Land005. Features - Documentary SILVER REMIFrederickMarxFrederick Marx, Director ~ Oakland, CA
Future Security Forum Promotional Video201. Advertising / Promotional431. Events245. Political / International IssuesSILVER REMIFran MateraEllen Pierce, Director : ASU Cronkite PR Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
Power Play: Event Recap206. Charitable / Non-Profit431. Events222. FundraisingSILVER REMIFran MateraLisa Travis, Director : ASU Cronkite PR Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
African Humphrey Voices: Jake Okechukwu Effoduh223. Government Relations264. World Peace & Understanding245. Political / International IssuesSILVER REMIFranMateraLisa Travis, Director : Cronkite Public Relations Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
Save the Date to Power Up with Phoenix Children's Hospital480. Series / Campaign222. Fundraising247. Public RelationsSILVER REMIFran MateraLisa Travis, Director : ASU Cronkite PR Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
Public Relations Society of America Website912. Websites919. Best Website Visual Design -FunctionSILVER REMIFran MateraAlexandra Wolfe, Writer : ASU Cronkite PR Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
Power Play: Meet Brendan, AKA Blue Bulldog442. Hospitals247. Public Relations480. Series / CampaignBRONZE REMIFran MateraDaniella Rudoy, Director : ASU Cronkite PR Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
Save Camelback: The Legend of the Landmark208. Community Management Urban & Rural206. Charitable / Non-Profit107. CulturalBRONZE REMIFranMateraEllen Pierce, Israel Gonzalez, Emma Sounart, Directors : Cronkite Public Relations Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
The Humphrey Fellowship Program: Impact in Sub-Saharan Africa219. Ethnic / Cultural264. World Peace & Understanding245. Political / International IssuesBRONZE REMIFranMateraLisa Travis, Director: Cronkite Public Relations Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
The Humphrey Fellowship Program: Leadership223. Government Relations601. Graduate Level Student Productions201. Advertising / PromotionalBRONZE REMIFranMateraEllen Pierce, Director : Cronkite Public Relations Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
The Humphrey Fellowship Program: Friendship Across Seas247. Public Relations219. Ethnic / Cultural223. Government RelationsBRONZE REMIFranMateraEllen Pierce, Director : Cronkite Public Relations Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
The Humphrey Legacy480. Series / Campaign109. Education247. Public RelationsBRONZE REMIFranMateraEllen Pierce, Director : Cronkite Public Relations Lab ~ Phoenix, AZ
Coastal Fire: A Common Diary315. Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)GOLD REMISusanMaughlin WoodSusan Maughlin Wood, Director : PunchBeam Music LLC ~ Seattle, WA
Time Can't Be Wasted Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMISabyn MayfieldSabyn Mayfield, Director ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
Zero Day316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerSILVER REMIdarrenmcinerneyDarren E. McInerney, Director ~ Brooklyn, NY
Humboldt: The New Season309. Long Shorts - DocumentaryPLATINUM REMIChrisMcIvorKevin Eastwood, Director : FRANK Digital ~ Winnipeg, CANADA
Fostering Hope309. Long Shorts - DocumentaryPLATINUM REMIChrisMcIvorChris McIvor, Director : FRANK Digital ~ Winnipeg, CANADA
La Cicciolina. Godmother of Scandal309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIAlessandroMelazziniAlessandro Melazzini, Director ~ Munich, GERMANY
Our Stone005. Features - Documentary BRONZE REMIAlessandroMelazziniAlessandro Soetje, Director : Alpenway Media GmbH ~ Munich, GERMANY
Raising Buchanan007. Features - Comedy - Black/Dark SPECIAL JURY REMIAmandaMelbyBruce Dellis, Director ~ Scottsdale, AZ
Raising BuchananEditing GOLD REMIAmandaMelbyBruce Dellis, Editor, Writer, Director ~ Scottsdale, AZ
Raising BuchananBest Supporting ActressGOLD REMICathyShimBruce Dellis, Editor, Writer, Director, Cathy Shim, Best Supporting Actress ~ Scottsdale, AZ
Promises To Keep009. Features - ChristianPLATINUM REMIMikeMerglerMarc Leif, Director ~ Kettering, OH
Adverse011. Features - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIBrianMetcalfBrian A. Metcalf, Director ~ Tarzana, CA
Zendure Powerbank Branding Advertisement Japanese VersionTV Commercials - Over 30 Sec.GOLD REMIPhenix J.F.MiaoPhenix Jiangfu Miao, Director ~ Burlingame, CA
American BeautyMusic Video - New Artist, Music Video Craft - Talent – On/Off CameraGOLD REMIAlyaMichelsonAlya Michelson, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Back to the MoonBEST TV/CABLE/WEB PRODUCTIONGRAND REMI AWARDJean LucMILLANCharles-Antoine DE ROUVRE / Sophie BOCQUILLON, Writers : Grand Angle Productions ~ Merignac, FRANCE
The Legacy of Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIDaveMillerDave Miller, Director : Miller Productions of Virginia ~ Aylett, VA
PAVEL TRAUBNER: PORTRAIT OF THE SLOVAK- JEWISH NEUROLOGIST309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIDavidMinacDavid Minac, Director ~ Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
MOMENTUM316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMIJohanaModelJohana Vala, Director ~ Montréal, CANADA
Voiceless 311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMINataliaMontecinosNatalia Montecinos, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Amazing Grace237. Medical / Health / Fitness / WellnessSPECIAL JURY REMILynnMontgomeryLynn Montgomery, Director ~ Santa Barbara, CA
The AgentShorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIMaeveMontgomeryMarie-Noëlle Marquis, Director : Entity Media Entertainment ~ Long Beach, CA
When La Rumorosa QuietsShorts - Dramatic - AdaptationBRONZE REMIPatriciaMontoyaPatricia Montoya, Director ~ Northampton, MA
Dwarft Village212. DocumentaryGOLD REMIYoosimMoonYoosim Moon, Director ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
The Simple Path257. Social / Economic IssuesGOLD REMICharlesMooreCharles Moore, Director ~ Cleveland, OH
Trust FrankShorts - Comedy - RomanticSILVER REMIPennyMoorePenny Moore, Director ~ Berwick, AUSTRALIA
My Dinner With Werner305. Long Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark BRONZE REMIMaverickMooreMaverick Moore, Director ~ Robinson, TX
When a Tree Falls (dir. Moise Morancy)Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalGOLD REMIMoiseMorancyMoise Morancy, Director ~ Brooklyn, NY
Home263. Womans IssuesGOLD REMIPhumiMorareMojtaba Mirshekari, Editor ~ Orange, CA
The Story Beyond a Cup of Sake219. Ethnic / CulturalSILVER REMISakuMoriHironori Sakurai, Director ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
USLP ShowerTV Commercials - PSA's - Over 30 Sec.PLATINUM REMIBauddhayanMUKHERJI, ProducerBauddhayan Mukherji, Director : Little Lamb Films ~ Mumbai, INDIA
Who Is This Women's Day For?309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIBauddhayanMUKHERJI, ProducerMonalisa Mukherji, Director : Little Lamb Films ~ Mumbai, INDIA
A HOLE317. Shorts - Science FictionBRONZE REMIMollyMurphyMolly Murphy, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
FINALSShorts - Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMINathanMurthyNathan A Murthy, Director : Oakland, CA
END OF WATCH: The Kevin Will StoryShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIGlenMuseGlen Muse, Director : Texas Pictures ~ Houston, TX
When Planets MateShorts - Animated (Classic Cel Animation)SILVER REMIChakramMuzakChakram, Producer ~ Shreveport, LA
SBS 8 News: Terminator Panda-Collusion between Celebrities and Law Enforcement Authorities…122. Investigative JournalismPLATINUM REMIJihyeNamByung-hee Lee, Director : SBS ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
The Hymn of Death152. TV Special - DramaticPLATINUM REMIJihyeNamSoo-jin Park, Director : SBS ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
TV Animal Farm: Baby & the Beast I&II "Baby and Pet, Can They Become a Family?"148. TV Series - Family/ChildrenGOLD REMIJihyeNamSong-yee Lee, Director : SBS ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
The Unanswered Question: Burning Sun Gate, Asking about the Fundamental Issue122. Investigative JournalismGOLD REMIJihyeNamGyeong-shik Park, Director : SBS ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
Nokdu Flower147. TV Series - DramaticGOLD REMIJihyeNamKyung-Soo Shin, Director : SBS ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant: Pobangteo Market Episode110. EntertainmentSILVER REMIJihyeNamKwanwon Lee, Woojin Jung, Jongho Yoon, Directors : SBS ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
Culture Express923. Web SeriesBRONZE REMIJihyeNamMin-ji,Hong, Eun-jae Lee, Directors : SBS ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
StasisStudent - College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIPatrickNanPatrick Nan, Director ~ Upland, CA
The Carting Call316. Long Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMIArminNasseriArmin Nasseri, Director ~ Valley Village, CA
Australian Dreams226. History & ArchaeologyBRONZE REMIAndreaNataleAndrea Natale, Director ~ Roma, ITALY
The Henchman of Notre DameShorts - Comedy - Black / Dark GOLD REMITimothyNaylorTimothy Naylor, Director ~ Brooklyn, NY
RAINSLIDE357. Experimental - Film & Video ArtBRONZE REMIArielNeoAriel Neo, Director ~ FRANCE
FugueShorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMILauraNeriLaura Neri, Director ~ Brussels, BELGIUM
Portraitist311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMICyrusNeshvadCyrus Neshvad, Director ~ LUXEMBOURG
Walking Point 314. Shorts - HistoricalSILVER REMIRJNevens, Jr. RJ Nevens, Jr., Director : Black 17 Productions ~ Kingwood, TX
CANDELARIO702. Screenplay - BiographicalGOLD REMIJoeNewellJoseph P Newell, Director ~ Greenville, SC
The Last311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIDavidNewtonDavid Newton, Director ~ ENGLAND
Sasha From RussiaShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIAlexanderNezlobinAlexander Nezlobin, Director ~ West Hollywood, CA
Flora314. Shorts - HistoricalPLATINUM REMIFundacion ECAMNIF G81033417Javier Kühn, Director ~ Madrid, SPAIN
SNORKEL311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMICaballo FilmsMalvalanda MediaBorja Soler, Director: Malvalanda Media Services ~ Madrid, SPAIN
TEACHINGS253. Sailing / Water SportsPLATINUM REMITomNitschTom Nitsch, Director ~ Hamburg, GERMANY
The KnotShorts - HistoricalBRONZE REMISonyaNoneSonya Stepanova, Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
BEAUTY Experimental - DramaticGOLD REMIJustynaNowakJustyna Nowak, Director ~ Warsaw, POLAND
Last Call For Tomorrow005. DocumentaryGOLD REMIGaryNullGary Null, Director ~ New York, NY
The Trials of Winnie Mandela146. TV Series - DocumentaryGOLD REMIJohnNyokaMandy Jacobson, Director : Ichikowitz Family Foundation ~ Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Tumbling Towards HomeShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIImeldaO'ReillyImelda O'Reilly, Director ~ New York, NY
The Smart Life704. Screenplay - Comedy - Dark or Black ComedyPLATINUM REMIDanielO'ConnorDaniel O'Connor, Writer ~ Toronto, CANADA
Full Throttle716. Screenplay - TeleplaysGOLD REMIAndreaO'ConnorAndrea O'Connor, Writer ~ Burlington, VT
Duo for John CageShorts - Performing Arts / DanceSILVER REMIHiroyukiOdaHiroyuki Oda, Director ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
Crooked Dances601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIHiroyukiOdaHiroyuki Oda, Director ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
Nikki Sings Again311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIralphodiernaRalph Odierna, Writer ~ Beverly Hills, CA
Secret Nazi Bases - Villa Winter115. Information, Cultural or Historical Program - Series156. Cinematography / VideographySILVER REMIDanielOronDaniel Oron, Director : Go Button Media ~ Toronto, CANADA
Left Behind Children (Chris Nebe)309. DocumentaryGOLD REMIJJOsbunChris D. Nebe, Director : Monarex Hollywood ~ Los Angeles, CA
Rueful Warrior317. Shorts - Science FictionGOLD REMIMarkOwenMark Owen, Director ~ London, UK
The ShepherdShorts - Animated (Clay & Other)BRONZE REMIDogusOzokutan Dogus Ozokutan & Vasvi Ciftcioglu, Directors ~ TURKEY
Going to Beyond313. Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorBRONZE REMIKalliPaakspuuKalli Paakspuu, Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words005. DocumentarySPECIAL JURY REMIMichael PackMichael Pack, Director : Manifold Productions, Inc. ~ Chevy Chase, MD
TOM311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIAdriennPalmeDavid Manzi, Director ~ SWITZERLAND
Invisible Children of LA v2Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIMaryannaPalmerMarryana Palmer, Director ~ Topanga, CA
Invisible Children of LA v2Shorts - Work in Progress GOLD REMIMaryannaPalmerMarryana Palmer, Director ~ Topanga, CA
Amsterdam Vice009A. Crime DramaSILVER REMILauraPaltheRachel van Bommel, Director : Millstreet Films ~ Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Off Guard316. Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMIDainaPapadakiDaina Papadaki, Director ~ CYPRUS
Asbestos Awareness261. Training GOLD REMISuelaPapajaniJulian Grant, Director : Videotel ~ London, UK
Pungjeong Radio125. Local Television ProgrammingSILVER REMIWondalParkWONDAL PARK, Director : TBC (Taegu Broadcasting Corporation) ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
LimerenceLong Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIDANIELPEDERSENDan Pedersen, Director : Glass City Films ~ Chicago, IL
INFECTION (Infeccion)014. Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMIFlavioPedotaFlavio Pedota, Director ~ MEXICO
SELFIE004. Docu-Drama BRONZE REMIGianfilippoPedoteGianfilippo Pedote, Director ~ Milano, ITALY
Smile318. Shorts - WesternsBRONZE REMIJayPenningtonJay Pennington, Director ~ Boerne, TX
End of the hunt015. Features - First FeaturePLATINUM REMINaomalPereraDr Naomal Perera, Director ~ SRI LANKA
Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter205. BiographicalPLATINUM REMIKerenPerlmutterKeren Perlmutter, Director ~ Pacific Palisades, CA
Tank Man314. Shorts - HistoricalBRONZE REMIRobertPetersRobert Anthony Peters, Director ~ Tucson, AZ
Treasure Lies009. Features - ChristianGOLD REMIScottPetersonScott Peterson, Director : ii FiLMS ~ Oak Grove, MN
SWANNShorts - Comedy - OriginalGOLD REMIAntonioPetroneAntonio Petrone, Director ~ SWITZERLAND
The Last Man on Earth316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerSPECIAL JURY REMIAprilPhillipsApril Phillips, Director : Godiva Productions ~ NEW ZEALAND
Beating Harvey314. Shorts - HistoricalPLATINUM REMIJamesPinedoJames Pinedo, II, Director ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
A man and a Tree Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIDaliborPlatenikDalibor Platenik, Director ~ CROATIA
Born StillShorts - WesternsGOLD REMIAshleyPlatzBrenna Malloy, Director ~ Studio City, CA
All through the night316. Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMITomášPokornýTomáš Pokorný, Producer ~ CZECH REPUBLIC
THE CLASS ANALYSIS311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIJimPolitanoJim Politano, Writer ~ Mesa, AZ
What Ever Happened To Jonny FaithScreenplay - Short Film ScreenplaysPLATINUM REMIBenjaminPollackBenjamin Pollack, Writer ~ Malibu, CA
THE SOBERINGShorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIBarryPollackBarry Pollack, Director ~ Westlake Village, CA
DANCING WITH DEATHShorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIBarryPollackBarry Pollack, Director ~ Westlake Village, CA
Killer WorkoutShorts - Comedy - Black / Dark GOLD REMIErikPotempaErik Potempa, Writer ~ Astoria, NY
Balloon Man005. Features - Documentary GOLD REMIChantalPotterChantal Potter, Director ~ Laurel, MD
Song of Clouds601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIAnkitPoudelAnkit Poudel, Director ~ Milwaukee, WI
Drive311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIJulittaPourciauTsvetalina Pourciau, Director ~ Houston, TX
Novalis308. Shorts - Computer Generated / CGI / Mixed Media / 3DSILVER REMIChrisPowellChris Powell, Director ~ Houston, TX
The Girl from the Other SideShorts - Animated (Classic Cel Animation)PLATINUM REMIFrancescoPrandoniYutaro Kubo and Satomi Maiya, Directors ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
JaneShorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)PLATINUM REMIKATHRYNPRESCOTTKathryn Prescott, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Castaway351. Animated (Clay & other techniques)SPECIAL JURY REMIJitkaProchazkovaViktor Schwarcz, Producer : CINEART TV Prague, Czech Television ~ Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
Oldage Villagers016. Features - ForeignSILVER REMIKLProductionGovindaraj Karikalan, Producer ~ INDIA
Foggy Town316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerGOLD REMILingQinQinLing, Director ~ CHINA
The Last Romantic311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIPingxiangziQiuZhao Xiaolei, Director : Ants Culture & Media Incorporated Co,.LTD ~ CHINA
Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan237. Medical / Health / Fitness / WellnessGOLD REMIJohnQuatrocheJohn Quatroche, Director ~ Sykesville, MD
Daughter of Dismay908. New Media - Large Format – IMAXSILVER REMIJames QuinnJames Quinn, Director ~ AUSTRIA
Blizzard of Souls017. Historical / Period PiecePLATINUM REMIPeterRagaussDzintars Dreibergs, Director : Kultfilma ~ LATVIA
BURA311. Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMISiska RaharjaEden Junjung, Director : ELORA FILMS ~ INDONESIA
DIAPHANOUS BLOOD309. DocumentarySILVER REMIMariferRamosLaura Marquez Cordova, Director : Colectivo Permanencia Voluntaria ~ MEXICO
CITY OF ROMANCE021. Romance GOLD REMIzhangrandyZHANG Yaoyuan, Director ~ Kyoto, JAPAN
Quiet NoiseShorts - Dramatic - Original, Shorts Craft - Cinematography, Shorts Craft - Directing, Shorts Craft - Music, Shorts Craft - Screenplay / ScriptBRONZE REMIPatrick RaymondPatrick Raymond, Director : Really Cool Films & Ivy League Entertainment ~ North Hollywood, CA
The Act is the Enemy of the ThoughtShorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)GOLD REMIMichaelRebitzki-VennhoffMoritz Draheim, Director ~ Berlin, GERMANY
"Who Is Jeff Rector?"309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIJeffRectorJeff Rector, Director ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
Trap001. Features - Action / AdventureBRONZE REMIMadhusudhanReddyBadi Madhusudhan Reddy, Director ~ INDIA
The Boat324. Shorts Craft - MusicGOLD REMIBeverleyReidBeverley Reid, Director : Coming Home Films ~ CANADA
For the Love of Nora704. Comedy - Black / DarkGOLD REMIWilliamReillyWm. F. Reilly, Writer ~ Red Hook, NY
Lancaster ParkShorts - Dramatic - Original, Shorts Craft - DirectingGOLD REMIlyndareissLYNDA REISS, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
I am Métis: Ceinture Fléchée219. Ethnic / Cultural269. DirectionGOLD REMIMediaRelationsTrevor Chilton, Director : Cre8iv Ideas ~ Winnipeg, CANADA
Snow on Sierra717. WesternsGOLD REMIGuopingRenGuoping Ren, Writer ~ Houston, TX
Anne311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIVijayRengaVijay Renga, Director ~ Hanover, NH
Ambling Alp314. Shorts - HistoricalSILVER REMIBeecherReuningParker Berry, Director : LeeUCinema ~ Cleveland, TN
The Presumption of Guilt009A. Crime DramaGOLD REMINatashaReysnerOleg Asadulin, Director ~ Moscow, RUSSIA
Happy Pill603. Student - High School Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIWyattRichardsWyatt Richards, Director ~ Ft. Thomas, KY
Mirror SiteShorts - Dramatic - Original, Shorts - Science Fiction, Shorts Craft - Directing, Shorts Craft - MusicPLATINUM REMIKarlRichterKarl Richter, Director ~ Santa Monica, CA
To Bleed True311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIKarlRichterKarl Richter, Director ~ Santa Monica, CA
Kneeling Sheep310. Shorts - Dramatic - AdaptationPLATINUM REMIHaiRihanHai Rihan, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Space Between812. Music Video - Rock / R&RPLATINUM REMIPeterRinkerZZ Satriani & Sammy Hagar, Director & Writer ~ Los Angeles, CA
Pizza Joint006. Comedy - OriginalGOLD REMISamRivasSam Rivas, Director : Savir Productions ~ Houston, TX
Shift Change - The Regeneration of an American Home TownShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIBillRoachWILLAIM ROACH, Director ~ Madison, WI
Mass Cull, The end of Myth 309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIBaskinRobbinsKim youngSoo, Director : MBC ChungBuk ~ SOUTH KOREA
Basilio y Blachy: Surviving in El Yunque (Part of the Maria Documentary Series)Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMICuquisRobledoCuquis Robledo, Director ~ Houston, TX
Samuel Gonzales: The Help of United Way (Part of the Maria Documentary Series)Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMICuquisRobledoCuquis Robledo, Director ~ Houston, TX
The Perez Family: An Overview of Maria (Part of the Maria Documentary Series)Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)Shorts Craft - EditingStudent - Graduate Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMICuquisRobledoCuquis Robledo, Director ~ Houston, TX
Maria (An Introduction to the Documentary Series)New Media - Interactive - Adult / Professiona Shorts Craft - EditingStudent - Graduate Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMICuquisRobledoCuquis Robledo, Director ~ Houston, TX
Zulay and Her Little Wood House (Part of the Maria Documentary Series)Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)Shorts Craft - EditingStudent - Graduate Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMICuquisRobledoCuquis Robledo, Director ~ Houston, TX
Blind Tom311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIluisrodriguezLuis Antonio Rodriguez, Director : Delinquentfilms ~ Pharr, TX
Champion311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIOscarRodriguez GorrizOscar Rodríguez Górriz, Director ~ Monterrey, MEXICO
LonelinessShorts - Dramatic - AdaptationSILVER REMIChristopherRogersChristopher Rogers, Director ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
Tale of Rising RaniFeatures - Family / Children - Shorts - Family / Children, PLATINUM REMIkunalrohraPrakash Saini, Director : Stripes Entertainment LLP ~ INDIA
The Long Shot226. History & ArchaeologySILVER REMIUrsulaRomeroAlvaro Gonzalez Aller & Oliver Valente, Directors ~ Madrid, SPAIN
The Death of Ivan Ilych 715. Screenplay - Spiritual / Religious / ChristianPLATINUM REMINicholasRooneyNicholas Rooney, Writer ~ UK
A Father's Sacrifice 314. Shorts - HistoricalGOLD REMINicholasRooneyNicholas Rooney, Director ~ UK
ALLAN ELLENLong Shorts - Science FictionSILVER REMIJuanRosJuan Ros, Director ~ SPAIN
The BallerinaShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIMiliRosalesMili Rosales & Alejandro Gonzalez, Directors : Pyknic Films ~ Los Angeles, CA
No AccidentTV COMMERCIALSPLATINUM REMIJennaRoseJohn Plymale, Director : Transportation Safety–ODOT, Gard Communications ~ Portland, OR
U.S. Cellular Survey Videos480. Series / CampaignGOLD REMIJennaRoseJohn Plymale, Director : U.S. Cellular, Gard Communications ~ Portland, OR
Star of the ShowTV COMMERCIALSGOLD REMIJennaRoseJohn Plymale, Director : Transportation Safety–ODOT, Gard Communications ~ Portland, OR
Move ItTV COMMERCIALSGOLD REMIJennaRoseJohn Plymale, Director : Oregon Department of Transportation, Gard Communications ~ Portland, OR
Park Your PhoneTV COMMERCIALSSILVER REMIJennaRoseJohn Plymale, Director : Transportation Safety–ODOT, Gard Communications ~ Portland, OR
Internal Medicine305. Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark SILVER REMIMitchellRoseMitchell Rose, Director ~ New London, CT
Superstorm: A Love Story021. Features - RomanceGOLD REMILarryRosenLarry Rosen, Director ~ Teaneck, NJ
Baby Hers257. Social / Economic IssuesGOLD REMISusanRosenzweigSusan Rosenzweig, Director ~ Austin, TX
The Dialogue311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIColinRossCathrine Hatcher, Director : Green Boat Productions - Dog & Butterfly Films ~ Richardson, TX
ScrambledShorts - Dramatic - Original, Shorts Craft - Directing, Student - College Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMILaurenRothmanLauren Rothman, Director ~ Beverly Hills, CA
Indigenous: Fight for Survival214. Ecology / Environment / ConservationPLATINUM REMIGARYROTTGERGary Rottger, Director ~ Pembroke Pines, FL
The Decisive Moment311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSPECIAL JURY REMIEduardoRufeisenEduardo Rufeisen, Director ~ Mountain View, CA
Perfectly Frank 020. Features - MusicalGOLD REMIKlareRufoLuke Rufo, Director : Rufo Productions ~ England, UK
VACA310. Shorts - Dramatic - AdaptationSPECIAL JURY REMIOriolRuizMarta Bayarri, Director ~ Barcelona Spain
Night SkyShorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIGregRulfsGreg Rulfs, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Lily Of The ValleyLong Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalGOLD REMIGiovanniRustantoGiovanni Rustanto, Director ~ INDONESIA
Darling, Darling, WendyBEST SHORT FILMGRAND REMI AWARDKatherine Sainte MarieKatherine Sainte-Marie, Producer/Writer ~ Vista, CA
POISONOUS ROSES010. DramaticPLATINUM REMIAhmedSalehAhmed Fawzi Saleh, Director ~ EGYPT
The Spirit of Lady Moody205. Biographical or AutobiographicalPLATINUM REMIPatriciaSalierPatricia Bury Salier, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Roya708. Screenplay - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIMahmoudSalimiMahmoud Salimi, Director ~ Beaumont, TX
Trevor311. Long Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIMartaSalvador TatoCarlos Domeque, Director: Globetrotter Films Limited & Mango Lassi Productions ~ Madrid, SPAIN
Yeses212. DocumentaryGOLD REMIMartaSalvador TatoMiguel Forneiro, Director: El Espontáneo Producciones Audiovisuales SL & Grupo Ganga Producciones ~ Madrid, SPAIN
Ladies Most Deject311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIMarkSalyerMartha Elcan, Director ~ Wise, VA
Best Time Ever802. Music Video - Children’sPLATINUM REMIJimmySammarcoJimmy Sammarco, Director : Foundation Films, Inc. ~ Milwaukee, WI
The Terms of Us311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIRobertoSanchezRoberto Sanchez - Jose, Director ~ Santa Clarita, CA
Barkley Sadistic Race212. DocumentarySILVER REMILindaSandersLinda Sanders, Director : Irun4ultra LLC ~ Manhattan Beach, CA
Still Untitled / Encore sans titre326. Shorts Craft - Screenplay / ScriptPLATINUM REMIGeneviève SauvéCatherine Dumas, Writer ~ Longueuil, CANADA
Who I am(uncensored)311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIStevenSavalaSteve L Savala, Director ~ Bryan, TX
Talking To The Wind257. Social / Economic IssuesPLATINUM REMIAkshayaSawantAkshaya Sawant, Director ~ San Francisco, CA
God The Worm007. Features - Comedy - Black/Dark PLATINUM REMIEricSchaefferEric Schaeffer, Director ~ NYC, NY
The Untold Story Of Otto Warmbier: What Happened In North Korea?309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SPECIAL JURY REMIKlausSchererKlaus Scherer, Director ~ Hamburg, GERMANY
Tuna on The Road - The Relocation of Tokyo’s Fish Market309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIKlausSchererKlaus Scherer, Director ~ Hamburg, GERMANY
Mum's The WordBEST NEW MEDIAGRAND REMI AWARDColinScheyenColin Scheyen, Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
Frank and Fearless013. Features - Family / ChildrenGOLD REMIandrescholtzGRAY HOFMEYR, Director ~ SOUTH AFRICA
Panther Branch RoadMusic Video - Country & WesternBRONZE REMIElizabethSchormanRyan Schorman, Director : Mid49 ~ Dallas, TX
Dear John467. Political / CampaignPLATINUM REMIDeno SederDeno Seder, Director : Deno Seder Productions ~ Cabin John, MD
Little Point Richmond309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIJaneSelle MorganJane Selle Morgan, Director : Skycar Creative ~ Point Richmond, CA
Matilde's First Day (Il primo giorno di Matilde - Sub Eng)312. Shorts - Family / ChildrenPLATINUM REMIAdamSeloFrancesco Piras, Director of Photography ~ Bologna, ITALY
Our concert (Il nostro concerto - Sub Eng)311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIAdamSeloFrancesco Piras, Director ~ Bologna, ITALY
Hello Africa312. Family / ChildrenGOLD REMIHasanSerinHasan Serin, Director ~ Istanbul, TURKEY
La Sirena311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIMatteoServenteMatteo Servente, Director ~ Memphis, TN
A Bloody Mess311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIAsisSethiAsis Sethi, Director ~ Brampton, CANADA
Fruits of Peace226. History & ArchaeologySILVER REMIKevynSettleKevyn Settle, Director ~ Washington, DC
Nits714. Short Film Screenplays (under 60 pages, lower entry fee)GOLD REMIHolly SettoonHolly Settoon, Writer ~ Brooklyn, NY
"Blink"602. College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIRickSettoonJohn Austin Williams, Jeremy Gaines, Directors : Southeastern Channel ~ Hammond, LA
Finding Courage245. Political / International IssuesGOLD REMIPaulioShakespeareKay Rubacek, Director : Swoop Films ~ Port Jervis, NY
Cul-De-Sac220. FAMILY MATTERS GOLD REMIShivaaniSharmaShivaani Sharma, Executive Producer ~ Marina Del Rey, CA
Unbinding603. Student - High School Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMIMaurayaSharmaMauraya Sharma, Director ~ INDIA
Woke the Monster Long Shorts - DocumentaryGOLD REMIAndrewShebayAndrew Shebay, Director ~ Austin, TX
Nox316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerGOLD REMIKeyvanSheikhalishahiKeyvan Sheikhalishahi, Director ~ FRANCE
Lost In Nanjing City311. Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalSILVER REMISipeiShenSipei Shen, Director ~ CHINA
The Celine Archive205. BiographicalGOLD REMICeline ParreñasShimizuCeline Parrenas Shimizu, Director ~ Hillsborough, CA
K Beauty Salon116. Lifestyle Programming - ProgramBRONZE REMISeoyeonShinSeoyeon Shin, Director : TBC ~ New York, NY
The Comedian312. Shorts - Family / ChildrenSPECIAL JURY REMIKatyayanShivpuriKatyayan Shivpuri, Director ~ Mumbai, INDIA
HungerShorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)BRONZE REMIKatyayanShivpuriKatyayan Shivpuri, Director ~ Mumbai, INDIA
Pioneer Pizza309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIWesleyShrumWesley Shrum, Director : Liars and Madmen ~ Baton Rouge, LA
My Friend KarlStudent - High School Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIColinShuranColin Shuran, Director ~ Tullahoma, TN
HEALING HANDS309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIChrisSibleyChristopher Sibley, Director ~ Austin, TX
TY311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMISamanthaSilversSamantha Silvers, Producer ~ Los Angeles, CA
Final Transports: The Holocaust Stories of Magda and George AND Childhood Lost: The Holocaust Stories of George and Steen Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIWendySingerSusan Abrams, Executive Producer ~ Skokie, IL
Confessions of a WhittlerExperimental - Computer Generated / Mixed Media / 3DBRONZE REMISarvshrestSinghSarvshrest Singh, Director ~ Burbank, CA
Stealing School007. Features - Comedy - Black/Dark SILVER REMIMark AndrewSirjuLi Dong, Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
The Rose that Grew from the ConcreteShorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMITimothySkipperTim Skipper, Director ~ Cottondale, AL
Tacos for [Redacted]316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIEmilySkyle-GoldenEmily Skyle, Director ~ Reno, NV
Acquaintance316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerBRONZE REMIIvanSmirnovIvan Smirnov, Director ~ Moscow, RUSSIA
Surviving Breast Cancer with Jaclyn Smith117. Lifestyle Programming - SeriesSPECIAL JURY REMIChaunceySmithDavid Brillhart, Director : Faith For Today ~ Thousand Oaks, CA
In Sickness and In Health117. Lifestyle Programming - SeriesPLATINUM REMIChaunceySmithDavid Brillhart, Director : Faith For Today ~ Thousand Oaks, CA
Paradise Lost245. Political / International IssuesPLATINUM REMIADAMSMITHAdam Smith, Director ~ Hamilton, MT
The Cunning Man313. Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorPLATINUM REMIRebekah LouisaSmithZoë Dobson, Director ~ London, UK
Migraines, The ImposterShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIKevinSmithKevin R. Smith, M.D., Director ~ Houston, TX
Inner Fire012. Experimental DogmaBRONZE REMIRebekah LouisaSmithMikhail Mareskin, Director ~ UK
Cirqueros311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIAlexSmithAlex Stanton Smith, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Beep Bop Symphony602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMIChristinSmolinskiHannah Leung, Director : SVAD Class of 2019 ~ Ooltewah, TN
SHOT DOWN: Howard Snyder and the B-17 Susan RuthShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMISteveSnyderSteve Snyder, Producer ~ Seal Beach, CA
Speechless Generation309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIKarolinaSocha - KalinowskaMalgorzata Imielska, Camera Operator ~ POLAND
Poland and the Birth of Israel 245. Political / International IssuesGOLD REMIKarolinaSocha - KalinowskaMalgorzata Imielska ~ POLAND
Dead Season205. Biographical or AutobiographicalGOLD REMIKarolinaSocha - KalinowskaTelewizja Polska S.A. ~ POLAND
Forced Change257. Social / Economic IssuesBRONZE REMIRennikSoholtRennik Soholt, Director ~ Astoria, NY
The Male127. Nature / WildlifeSPECIAL JURY REMISeungwooSonSeungwoo Son, Director : EBS ~ SOUTH SOUTH KOREA
With DadShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMISorenSorensenSoren Sorensen, Director ~ Cranston, RI
Psychosexual-The MovieShorts Craft - MusicBRONZE REMIJeremySpencerPsychosexual, Director ~ Las Vegas, NV
MichistanScreenplay - Short Film ScreenplaysBRONZE REMIMark C.SperaMark C. Spera, Writer ~ Fort Wayne, IN
SnarlScreenplay - Horror / Thriller / MysteryBRONZE REMIMark C.SperaMark C. Spera, Writer ~ Fort Wayne, IN
Writer's Block 018. Features - Low Budget (under 250 thousand)GOLD REMIRay SpiveyRay Spivey & Jeff Kerr, Directors ~ Austin, TX
CASHING OUT015. Features - First FeatureSPECIAL JURY REMIAlexSrednoselacAlex Srednoselac, Director ~ Portage, IN
Activized309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIEricStangeEric Stange, Director ~ Arlington, MA
After The Murder Of Albert Lima004. Docu-Drama BRONZE REMIRyanStanleyAengus James, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
One Last Thing316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerPLATINUM REMIRichieStarzecRichie Starzec, Writer/Director ~ Los Angeles
Boys vs. Girls006. Comedy030. Music Score032. Screenplay / Script of entered featureSILVER REMIMike StaskoMike Stasko, Director ~ CANADA
The Nuremberg Chaplain314. HistoricalSILVER REMIDickStenbackenDick Stenbakken, Writer : Hope Channel Productions ~ Loveland, CO
Dark Harbor011. Features - Suspense / ThrillerSPECIAL JURY REMIEdwinStevensJoe Raffa, Director : APS Films ~ Glendale, CA
Dark HarborCinematographyGOLD REMIEdwinStevensEdwin P. Stevens ~ Glendale, CA
Dark HarborBest Supporting ActorGOLD REMIEdwinStevensSterling Hurst, Best Supporting Actor ~ Glendale, CA
Highland HomeMusic Video - Vocalist (Any genre), Music Video Craft - MusicPLATINUM REMIZachStevensKurt Rosenberg, Executive Producer ~ Lake Oswego, OR
MARCH TO THE MOON265A. The WorldFest/NASA AwardsGOLD REMIKevinStirlingKevin Stirling, Director : NCI Film Productions ~ Havertown, PA
COLUMBUSShorts - Science FictionGOLD REMIPaulStovallFreddie Paull, Director : KERNOFORTO PRODUCTIONS ~ Chicago, IL
Paper Flower016. Features - ForeignPLATINUM REMIMirovisionStudio BonanzaHoon KOH, Director : Mirovision Studio Bonanza ~ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Paper FlowerBest ActorGOLD REMIHoon KOH, DirectorMirovisionAhn Sung-Ki
Ex-Wife Monogatari602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMIZihaoSuZihao Su, Director ~ New York, NY
33 and CountingShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMIAishaSultanAisha Sultan, Director ~ St. Louis, MO
Mothers in the War108. DocumentaryGOLD REMIFeiSunXiuqin Chang, Fei Sun, Directors : Shandong University of Arts ~ CHINA
Claws of the Red DragonShorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMISophiaSunRob King & Kevin Yang, Directors : New Realm Studios Inc. ~ Toronto, CANADA
THE PEAK308. Shorts - Computer Generated / CGI / Mixed Media / 3DBRONZE REMIMayumiTachikawaSatoshi Takahashi, Director : MARZA ANIMATION PLANET INC. ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
LIFELIKE311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSPECIAL JURY REMIharunatanakaHaruna Tanaka, Director ~ JAPAN
Duchamp: Art of the Possible203. Arts & CulturalGOLD REMIMichelleTaylorMatthew Taylor, Director : Electrolift Creative ~ New York, NY
Sleep Tight Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorBRONZE REMILewisTaylorLewis Taylor, Director ~ London, UK
Amicae Aeternum310. Long Shorts - Dramatic – AdaptationGOLD REMIDavid GrahamTennantDavid Graham Tennant, Director ~ Toronto, CANADA
OVOShorts - Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)BRONZE REMIEdwinTerrellEdwin Terrell, Director ~ Houston, TX
The Lacey Lady: Roadside Attraction, American Icon309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMINedThanhouserNed Thanhouser, Director ~ Portland, OR
Eleythero Thema (FREE SUBJECT)012. Experimental DogmaSILVER REMIStellaTheodorakisThanos Anastopoulos, Producer ~ Athens, GREECE
Jesse Lott: Art & Activism309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMICressandraThibodeauxCressandra Thibodeaux, Director ~ Houston, TX
Theremin Fever203. Arts & CulturalBRONZE REMICressandraThibodeauxCressandra Thibodeaux, Director ~ Houston, TX
Marching Forward005. Features - Documentary BRONZE REMIBrittanyToddBrittany Todd, Production Coordinator : Burnett Honors College ~ Jacksonville, FL
Prince of Paris309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMIElliToivoniemiVeera Lehto-Michaud, Director ~ Helsinki, FINLAND
The Real Exorcist014. Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMIMia TomikawaRyuho Okawa, Executive Producer ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
Life Is Beautiful005. Features - Documentary BRONZE REMIMiaTomikawaRyuho Okawa, Original Concept ~ Tokyo, JAPAN
Sequela311. Long Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMINathanielTracyNathaniel Tracy, Director ~ Kailua-Kona, HI
Cashed Out311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMImiketrainorMichael Trainor, Director ~ CANADA
One Hundred Percent257. Social / Economic IssuesSILVER REMIMichaelTrevesYael Kipper & Ronen Zaretzky, Directors : Turtles Films, Michael Treves : JMT Films ~ ISRAEL
The Mystery of the Black Book 005. Features - Documentary BRONZE REMIMichaelTrevesBoris Maftsir, Director : Zvi Shefy Productions, Michael Treves: JMT Films Distribution ~ ISRAEL
Diamond GameStudent - High School Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMINolanTrifunovicNolan Hieu Trifunovic, Directors ~ Los Angeles, CA
Digital Navigation for the Railway - AR+VR Theatre at the Taipei Railway Workshop328. Visual / Special FX / CGIGOLD REMIOu-BauTsaiOu-Bau Tsai, Director : Cmie Design ~ Taipei, TAIWAN
Assembling Trains - Exhibition on Worker life at the Taipei Railway Workshop905. Interactive - Educational - Adult/ProfessionalGOLD REMIOu-BauTsaiOu-Bau Tsai, Director : Cmie Design ~ Taipei, TAIWAN
The Magic Archaeological Pit - Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology - 2019 New Taipei City Children's...906. Interactive - Educational - ChidlrenGOLD REMIOu-BauTsaiOu-Bau Tsai, Director : Cmie Design ~ Taipei, TAIWAN
Latteship308. Shorts - Computer Generated / CGI / Mixed Media / 3DGOLD REMIHsing FangTsaiHsing-Fang Tsai & Daishi Takishima, Directors ~ Astoria, NY
JOIN NURDLE PATROL!214. Ecology / Environment / ConservationGOLD REMIJaceTunnellJace Tunnell, Producer : Enlightened Images ~ Port Aransas, TX
The Songwriter of Botnang205. BiographicalBRONZE REMIAlexanderTuschinskiGerda Herrmann ~ GERMANY
Recoiled602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIAndrewTwibellClaire Grim, Director : Missouri State University ~ Springfield, MO
We Were ThereShorts - Dramatic - AdaptationGOLD REMIsaeedvahidiSaeed Vahidi, Director : S.V Film Production ~ Vancouver, CANADA
Crimson Cuffs 316. Shorts - Suspense / ThrillerGOLD REMImadelinevailMadeline Vail, Director ~ Paso Robles, CA
WATCH THE SKIESShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMILuisValdovinoDan Boord/Luis Valdovino, Directors ~ Boulder, CO
Losing My Marbles007. Features - Comedy - Black/Dark BRONZE REMILivianValiasJulia Rezende, Director ~ Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
Rescued (Rescatado)311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIArturoVargasArturo Vargas, Director ~ Glendale, CA
Solstice 25th Anniversary Director's Restoration (2018)321. Shorts Craft - DirectingLong Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIJerryVasilatosJerry Vasilatos, Director ~ Chicago, IL
The Creators 2209. Corporate Image & OrientationPLATINUM REMIAnnettVäterleinAnnett Väterlein, Director : NCP Film & Swoboda ~ GERMANY
A Hart of Stones816. World Music / TechnoGOLD REMIAnnettVäterleinAnnett Väterlein, Director : NCP Film & Thomas Fauser ~ GERMANY
Made in Bavaria201. Advertising / PromotionalSILVER REMIAnnettVäterleinKlaus Umfahrer, Director : NCP Film & Burkhard ~ GERMANY
Hand In Hand209. Corporate Image & OrientationSILVER REMIAnnettVäterleinAnnett Väterlein & Klaus Umfahrer, Directors : NCP Film & IREKS ~ GERMANY
Love Dream816. World Music / TechnoSILVER REMIAnnettVäterleinAnnett Väterlein, Director : NCP Film & Thomas Fauser ~ GERMANY
Phantom EffectScreenplay - Horror / Thriller / MysteryGOLD REMIMichaelVaynbergMichael Vaynberg, Writer ~ Los Angeles, CA
Colombus302B. Shorts - Drone ProductionPLATINUM REMILudovicVeltzLudovic Veltz, Director ~ FRANCE
Look me over - Liberace205. BiographicalSILVER REMIMatthiasGreving, ProducerJeremy JP Fekete, Director ~ GERMANY
Dead Man's Hand311. Long Shorts - Dramatic – OriginalBRONZE REMIMárcioVenturiMárcio Venturi, Director ~ Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL
The Way of SilenceShorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIVincentVescoVincent Vesco, Director ~ Paris, FRANCE
The Silk Road301. Animated (Classic Cel Animation)PLATINUM REMIAli VilAli Vil, Director ~ Brooklyn, NY
Red 602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsGOLD REMIJamesVillarrealJosh Barbur, Director ~ San Antonio, TX
Wider Color: The Baylor 6 Primary Color Story309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIJamesVillarrealAndy Racoti, Director ~ San Antonio, TX
L'EAU EST LA VIE (WATER IS LIFE): FROM STANDING ROCK TO THE SWAMP309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMISamVinalSam Vinal, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
The Venusian ChroniclesScreenplay - Fantasy / Science FictionPLATINUM REMILynnVincentnathanLynn Vincentnathan, Writer ~ Edinburg, TX
Biggest and Baddest - Wild Horses146. TV Series - DocumentaryPLATINUM REMIPetervon PuttkamerPeter von Puttkamer, Director ~ CANADA
Biggest and Baddest : Texas Gators146. TV Series - DocumentaryGOLD REMIPetervon PuttkamerPeter von Puttkamer, Director ~ CANADA
Paper Football312. Shorts - Family / ChildrenSILVER REMILoreneWalesLorene Wales, Producer ~ Lynchburg, VA
Love Always Prevails312- Shorts - Family / ChildrenSPECIAL JURY REMIKatherineWallaceKat Wallace, Script Manager : Operation Smile ~ Virginia Beach, VA
HackedShorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMIuldouzwallaceUldouz Wallace, Writer ~ Sherman Oaks, CA
PRIME ANGEL022. Features - Science FictionPLATINUM REMITianweiwangTIANWEI WANG, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Headless Chicken602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsPLATINUM REMIWenkaiWangWenkai Wang, Director ~ New York, NY
For the Goblins313. Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMIYuanWangHypnus Yao, Director ~ Burbank, CA
Glamorous  City306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalGOLD REMIAnnieWangJi Yuan, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
Water with Life309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMITinoWangTakashi Komuro, Director : Delta Electronics Foundation ~ Taipei, TAIWAN
HERTZ311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalGOLD REMIAnnieWangZENG LINGCHEN, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
Circus Sam311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIR.WangRayner Wang, Director ~ JAPAN
When I Find You601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMIXiWangXi Wang, Director ~ San Francisco, CA
7045 Steps310. Shorts - Dramatic - AdaptationBRONZE REMIShukaiWangShukai Wang, Director ~ New York, NY
Forever Elvis309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIShihyunWangChase Roback - "Elvis"/ Actor ~ Mission Viejo, CA
VLOGGER311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIAnnie Wang Liu Chang & Liu Chang, Directors ~ Beijing, CHINA
C’est la vie311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIAnnie Wang Johnny Young, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
The Usual RouteShorts - Dramatic - AdaptationPLATINUM REMICoryWarnerCory C. Warner, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Resilient311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalPLATINUM REMIDr. TommyWatson Dr. Tommy Watson, Writer ~ Charlotte, NC
COIN311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalBRONZE REMITEHANAWEEKSTehana Fatima Weeks, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Wayne602. Student - College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMICharlieWeinshankCharlie Weinshank, Director ~ Fort Lee, NJ
Thank You KindlyShorts - Comedy - RomanticGOLD REMINoahWeisbergNoah Weisberg, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Flight 483315. Live Action - Narrative (Little or No Dialogue)GOLD REMIShawn WellingShawn Welling, Director ~ Houston, TX
Narco Sub707A. Crime Drama ScreenplayGOLD REMIShawn WellingDerek Potts, Writer ~ Houston, TX
Narco Sub918. Best Website DesignGOLD REMIShawn WellingShawn Welling, Director ~ Houston, TX
Days of Rain312. Family / ChildrenGOLD REMIShawn WellingShawn Welling, Director ~ Houston, TX
The Day The Earth Was Silent251. Religion / Ethics / SpiritualityPLATINUM REMIShawn WellingShawn Welling, Director ~ Houston, TX
The Day The Earth Was Silent326. Shorts Craft - Screenplay / ScriptGOLD REMIShawn WellingShawn Welling, Director ~ Houston, TX
Mission - Land Crab Redemption214. Ecology / Environment / ConservationSPECIAL JURY REMITing WenHsu Hung Lung, Director : Third Maintenance Office Directorate General of Highways, MOTC ~ TAIWAN
Etude Shorts - Dramatic - Original, Shorts Craft - CinematographyBRONZE REMIYifanWenYifan Wen, Writer ~ Brooklyn, NY
"Those Are My Ancestors" - Pu'uhonua o Hōnaunau211. CulturalPLATINUM REMIChrisWheelerGreat Divide Pictures, Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau NHP, National Park Service - Harpers Ferry Center ~ Denver, CO
Battle of Kuamoʻo314. HistoricalPLATINUM REMIChris WheelerGreat Divide Pictures, Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail, Aloha Kuamoʻo ʻĀina ~ Denver, CO
Makahiki251. Religion / Ethics / SpiritualityGOLD REMIChristopherWheelerGreat Divide Pictures, Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail, National Park Service - Harpers Ferry Center ~ Denver, CO
Spirits of Kaloko211. CulturalSILVER REMIChris WheelerGreat Divide Pictures, Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park, National Park Service - Harpers Ferry Center ~ Denver, CO
Puʻukoholā Heiau: The Foundation of a Nation211. CulturalSILVER REMIChristopherWheelerGreat Divide Pictures, Puʻukoholā Heiau National Historic Site, National Park Service - Harpers Ferry Center ~ Denver, CO
In Their Footsteps: Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail211. CulturalBRONZE REMIChristopherWheelerGreat Divide Pictures/Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail ~ Denver, CO
The Bumbling Gentleman Against The World Crime League308. Shorts - Computer Generated / CGI / Mixed Media / 3DSILVER REMIBobWhiteBob White, Director ~ Boston, MA
Heidi Wassermann: A Good Life309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIMichaelWhitleyMichael Whitley, Director ~ Houston, TX
Outback Truckers146. TV Series - DocumentaryGOLD REMIEmma WilkesAlan Hall, Director : Prospero Productions ~ AUSTRALIA
Outback Opal Hunters146. TV Series - DocumentarySILVER REMIEmma WilkesDavid Holroyd, Director : Prospero Productions ~ AUSTRALIA
Lovely818. Music Video Craft - Cinematography/VideographyBRONZE REMICarolineWilliamsAri Davidson, Cinematographer ~ Studio City, CA
Honoring America's Heroes309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMITonyWilsonTony Wilson, Director : Flyover Flix ~ Adel, IA
70 Years of Blackness: The Untangling of Race & AdoptionShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)BRONZE REMIChrisWindfieldChristopher Windfield, Director ~ Jackson, MS
Umbrella Dance For Hong Kong243. performance arts, danceBRONZE REMIBenWongWONG Kong Fai, Director ~ HONG KONG
The Unimagined Cheerleading Spirit257. Social / Economic IssuesGOLD REMISHWU-MEYWUWU, SHWU-MEY, Director ~ TAIWAN
A HOME016. Features - ForeignSILVER REMIHuangXiaodongXiaodong Huang, Director : Zhejiang Rongguang Film Company ~ CHINA
LocusShorts - Suspense / ThrillerGOLD REMIAngXieAng Xie, Director ~ Hacienda Heights, CA
DissonanceStudent - College Level Student ProductionsSILVER REMITianXuTian Xu, Director ~ Chino Hills, CA
MAKHALISS313. Long Shorts - Fantasy / HorrorGOLD REMIKojiYamamotoKoji Yamamoto, Director ~ JAPAN
The Fate of Books005. Features - Documentary BRONZE REMIjinwooyangJinwoo Yang & Sangrok Lee, Director : CJ ENM tvN ~ SOUTH KOREA
Adventure of a lifetime_Shousan National Park of Taiwan- home to Formosa rock monkeys309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)PLATINUM REMISharonYehSeanwen Yang, Director ~ Taipei, Taiwan
Voices from Home309. Shorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)GOLD REMISharonYehSeanwen Yang, Director ~ Taipei, Taiwan
Pages815. Vocalist (Any genre)824A. Low Budget101. AnimatedPLATINUM REMIIsaiahYoungErik Martinez, Cinematographer ~ Humble, TX
Mea Culpa306. Shorts - Comedy - OriginalGOLD REMIMENGYUMeng Yu, Director ~ Pasadena, CA
White Wedding016. Features - ForeignBRONZE REMIKaixiongYuanZhang Jiarui, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
Perfect Resonance601. Student - Graduate Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIZengYuanAnshu Zeng Yuan, Director ~ Burbank, CA
OMAH NJERO (The Lost Room)311. Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIGelora YudhaswaraGelora Yudhaswara, Director : PONOROGO INDEPENDENT FILM COMMUNITY ~ INDONESIA
Playlist602. College Level Student ProductionsBRONZE REMIAntonioZarroAndrew Ray, Director : Palm Beach Atlantic University ~ West Palm Beach, FL
Icarus Stops For Breakfast305. Shorts - Comedy - Black / Dark SILVER REMIAbigailZealey BessAbigail Zealey Bess, Director : Weird Sisters ~ New York, NY
affectionate heart311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSILVER REMIxiwenzhangXiwen Zhang, Director ~ Monterey Park, CA
Nini’s Nanny312. Shorts - Family / ChildrenGOLD REMIYueZhaoYue Zhao, Director ~ Glendale, CA
Why We Are Unhappy in Cities355. DramaticGOLD REMIGangZhaoGang Zhao, Director ~ CHINA
ParadiseMusic Video Craft - Art Direction, Music Video Craft - Direction / Art DirectionGOLD REMIYuelinZhaoEven Wu, Director ~ Los Angeles, CA
Going HomeShorts - Documentary (under 60 minutes)SILVER REMIMINZHOUMin Zhou, Director & Zhehan Hu ~ San Jose, CA
Miss BoundlessShorts - Dramatic - Original, Shorts Craft - DirectingSILVER REMIQiyuZhouQIYU ZHOU, Director ~ Glendale, CA
Salto Mortale005. DocumentarySILVER REMIAnabelaZigovaAnabela Zigova, Writer ~ Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
Disasters at Sea129. News & Documentary Program Directing166. Set Design154. AnimationPLATINUM REMIHeather ZionsPJ Naworynski, Director : Exploration Production Inc. ~ CANADA
Mighty Cruise Ships: Viking Longship Gefjon143. Travel / TourismPLATINUM REMIHeather ZionsMichael Davidson, Director : Exploration Production Inc. ~ CANADA
Mighty Trains: Thai Rail and Death Raiway115. Information, Cultural or Historical Program - SeriesGOLD REMIHeather ZionsMichael Davidson, Director : Exploration Production Inc. ~ CANADA
INHERITOR311. Shorts - Dramatic - OriginalSPECIAL JURY REMITian Yuan, Director ~ Beijing, CHINA
Lethe009A. Crime DramaPLATINUM REMI孟嘉Charles Yang, Director ~ TAIWAN
NONE LIKE US (Nessuno come Noi)BEST FEATURE FILMGRAND REMI AWARDLuca Bianchini, writerVolfango De Biasi, Director ~ Rome, ITALY
NONE LIKE US (Nessuno come Noi)DirectingGOLD REMILuca Bianchini, writerVolfango De Biasi, Director ~ Rome, ITALY
NONE LIKE US (Nessuno come Noi)Best ActressGOLD REMILuca Bianchini, writerSarah Felderbaum ~ Rome, ITALY
THE PERFECT PATIENT (QUICK) 017. HistoricalSPECIAL JURY REMIMikael Hafstrom, Director ~ SWEDEN
is youMusic Video - R&B / Soul / Rap / Hip-HopPLATINUM REMI무 영mooyoung oh, Director ~ SOUTH KOREA
WELL, BUT NOT SO WELL025B. Coming of AgePLATINUM REMIFrancesco Mandelli, Director ~ ITALY
ALLA SALUTE005. DocumentaryGOLD REMIBrunella Filì, Director ~ ITALY
fifty yearsMusic Video - R&B / Soul / Rap / Hip-HopGOLD REMI무 영mooyoung oh, Director ~ SOUTH KOREA